Synth-Werk Intros 960 Sequencer, 904C Filter Coupler

Munich-based modular maker Synth-Werk has introduced several new modules, based on classic R.A. Moog designs.

The SW 960 family is made up of several MU modules:

  • SW 960 Sequential Controller
  • SW 961 Interface
  • SW 962 Sequential Switch

SW 961 and SW962 are also available in Moog CP format.

The 904C Filter Coupler is a new version of the module, using High End Audio Relays in the audio path and C-Mos switches for the CV path. They say that “this leads to no switching noise during the switching process and no contact problems of a very complex multilayer switch.”

Production will start at the beginning of 2020. See the Synth-Werk site for details.

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