New ARP Synthesizer Coming Jan 10, 2020

Ahead of the 2020 NAMM Show, Korg shared this teaser video for a new ARP synthesizer.

Is it a rerelease of the classic ARP 2600? Synth pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre recently said Korg has a new ARP 2600 in the works.

Check out the video and share your thoughts in the comments!

26 thoughts on “New ARP Synthesizer Coming Jan 10, 2020

  1. Wonder if this the 2600 Jarre was talking about? I need another monosynth like I need a hole in my head .. but am still really interested.

  2. After the MS-20 and the Odyssey, this time I will wait for the Behringer one, and THEN decide which one to buy.
    For now Behringer always won (price, features, etc.)

    1. i find the k-2 clone as a total fail, even the mini sounds better which i sold because it was nowhere near the original ms-20… regarding the odysseys i think both korg and behri did a good job and noone can say which one is better, i personally prefer the module of korg due to its compact size.

      1. Are you serious? 1 missing midi port, no effects and no build-in sequencer…and you can still not say which one is better?

    1. I suspect you’re kind of kidding, but I know a Chroma owner, and I can confidently say that nobody would ever clone that thing. It sounds great and has innovative features, but programming that thing is an utter nightmare. (The guy I know who has it, and loves it, just sprung for the crazy $$$ aftermarket programmer for it!).

  3. a 2500 would be dream come true and an instabuy almost regardless of cost (because of pure love) – not sure about 2600 though

  4. Yeah 2600 for sure .. no thanks. An old original one would be cool though as a studio decoration 🙂 Am anxious though to see their other new synth.

  5. I think we now all agree its a 2600 , since it “IS” in the title of the post


    Well Done Korg for the fast efforts

  6. Hopefully this puts the Behringer sniffers back in their height chairs with a bib and mashed baby food.

  7. Price now being quoted for the new Korg ARP 2600 is 3,200 UK Pounds – which puts it into about $6,000 AUD for me here in Oz. That is way beyond unaffordable and almost reaching the price I’ve seen of some originals on eBay. I get the impression it will be a limited run too. So… I wait for Behringer to do something for the masses.

  8. Limited edition. Basically a perfect copy plus arpeggiator, sequencer, MIDI, USB MIDI, balanced outputs. Comes with a really good flight case.

    $3799. Good value for what you get.

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