8-bit Mod Delay For NTS-1, Prologue, Minilogue XD

Roll-log Sounds has introduced Del-8, an 8-bit 2-tap modulated delay plug-in for logue-SDK Korg synths.

All internal parameters can be edited via the desktop app logueMill, and exported as custom user-unit of any of the FX types (mod/del/rev fx) and platforms (Prologue / Minilogue XD/ Nu:Tekt Digital NTS-1).


  • 2.7 seconds 8-bit delay.
  • 2x Delay Taps with independent Time / Feedback control.
  • 2x audio-rate LFOs for stereo time and amplitude modulation of the delay taps.
  • Resonant pre-delay Highpass and post-delay Lowpass Filters.
  • Delay time sync-able to system BPM with custom time division.
  • Delay time, LFO rate and Filter cutoff can be mapped to accurate note for external Midi / CV automation.
  • All 16 internal parameters can be assigned to hardware knobs as macros with user-defined range.
  • 16 preset patches can be packed into one user unit, scrollable through hardware knob.
  • Carefully optimized algorithm, lighter than the factory flanger.

Pricing and Availability

Del-8 is available now, with ‘pay what you want’ pricing.

4 thoughts on “8-bit Mod Delay For NTS-1, Prologue, Minilogue XD

  1. This delay sounds really, really cool. I’d like to try making some beats with it.

    Is the NTS-1 available anywhere yet? I really need to hop on this platform.

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