Custom Sega MegaDrive Synthesizer

Sam Battle, aka Look Mum No Computer, shared this look at his latest DIY synth project, the Sega MegaDrive Synthesizer.

The Sega MegaDrive (marketed as the Sega Genesis in the US) is a 16-bit video game platform, introduced in 1988. The system creates sound using a Yamaha YM2612, a six-channel FM synth on a chip.

Battle’s Sega MegaDrive Synthesizer adds hardware controls for the chip’s synthesis parameters, resulting in a huge, but immediate and tactile synth.

Check it out and share your thoughts on it in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Custom Sega MegaDrive Synthesizer

  1. Fair play Sam love your channel makes me realise there’s so many possibilities to make music “awesome inspirational work”. Can’t wait to see what you create next. Respect to you!!!

  2. that’s marvelous. i’ve gone through lots of trouble over the years to force music out of my old consoles. i spent a lot of time with LSDJ on the gameboy and used the chip maestro on the NES. plogue’s chipsounds was like a gift from heaven when it came out. it let me get on with the business of making music instead of all the other stuff. but as this video proves, the other stuff can totally be worth it. inspiring and beautiful.

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