Moog One Firmware Update Adds Aftertouch Curves, MIDI Mapping Enhancements

Moog Music has announced that a firmware update for the Moog One is now available for download. In addition to effects improvements and a new active voice indicator, the v1.2.0 firmware update introduces selectable aftertouch curves, MIDI mapping enhancements, a new active voice indicator, and more.
More information about the Moog One synthesizer, and about the firmware update, is on the Moog Music website. A detailed list of v1.2.0 firmware improvements, as well as forthcoming improvements that will be included in future updates, can be found in the Moog One Firmware v1.2.0 PDF, at the link above.

3 thoughts on “Moog One Firmware Update Adds Aftertouch Curves, MIDI Mapping Enhancements

  1. AT curves, nice! Wish I could afford one. Maybe once firmware stabilizes. The Andromeda was a huge disappointment for me with all the bugs left in it.

  2. Just sent one back due to oscillators that were not in tune in the lower frequencies. Same problem had by Nick Batt. Also there was a noise that I would describe as a fan plus a hard drive reading constantly. The wood finish felt kind of splintery as well, like it needed a good sanding and finishing. I think it is supposed to have a rugged finish and that may be to the liking of some people but it was not my cup of tea for 8K.

  3. I’ll pipe in and affirm i love mine, quirks and all. So glad they keep developing it further, and are open about the process.

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