Korg NTS-1 Synth Mods (Official)

Korg has shared a Github site to offer official support for modding their NTS-1 synthesizer.

The Korg NTS-1 is a DIY synth project, based on the company’s Multi Engine, found in the prologue and minilogue xd. It adds with a capable arpeggiator, a multimode filter, one EG, three LFOs, and three effects processors (reverb, delay, and modulation).

Korg’s new site supports modding the appearance and user interface of the NTS-1. The site provides an open hardware reference panel design that can be used for prototyping and as a template for the creation of new custom NTS-1 panel designs.

This lets you radically reimagine the design of the NTS-1. Here’s an example they’ve shared of custom circular sequencer design:

See Korg’s Github site for details.

15 thoughts on “Korg NTS-1 Synth Mods (Official)

      1. Can’t speak for Alex but I think he’s proposing the opposite direction — allow other people to manufacture synths that support the same SDK. So e.g. allow someone other than Korg to manufacture a eurorack NTS-1, or let Arturia include XD oscillators in the next microfreak, or allow XD oscillators in VCV rack. Is this allowed at present?

    1. I preordered mine in early September; I’m still waiting for the retailer to receive them so they can send me one. The estimate they gave me was March. @#%*#% ?!*

      1. Me too – it’s really frustrating because I have probably seen five different articles detailing all these custom presets, plus this custom layout resource and I expected to have this thing on my desk in mid-November. Now I’ve seen some spots saying as late as mid-March for it to arrive.
        Less marketing – more shipping KORG!

        1. Well, crazy as it is my synthshop called and I was able to pick my NTS-1 up yesterday!!! Built it last night but have had very little time with it other than to make sure it worked after putting it together. I know they had a bunch when I was there, not sure how many were already reserved or not so check their site: threewavemusic.com

  1. I’ve managed to get two of these, but I damaged one. The audio jacks are surface mounted on the main board and pretty delicate. It didn’t take much regular wear and tear to ruin the audio out connection. (My vendor was really good about backordering a replacement for me.)

    I’ve since mounted the surviving unit into a different case with panel-mounted jacks to prevent strain on the primary OEM connectors.

  2. I’m looking forward to the firmware update so that I can try my hand at custom panels. I’ve printed up some PCBs from the reference design on GitHub and I might have one built by the time Korg catches up on their releases.

    Makers/hackers: I’ve got a few extra PCBs here as part of my minimum order from an overseas prototyping company. Once I’m able to build and test a unit, I’d be willing to sell or trade my extras. (I’m a little intimidated! The surface mount components and micro-controller will not be easy for a newbie to solder. If I’m ambitious, I’ll record a video showing my work on this project.)

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