Samplr Update Adds Ableton Link Support & More

Developer Marcos Alonso has released an update for Samplr, a sampling instrument for iPad.

Samplr offers eight play modes and an immediate interface that lets you use your fingers to play waveshapes direct

Here’s what’s new:

  • Ableton Link support
  • Fixed audio recording and file import issues
  • Enhanced UI for new iPads
  • Improved MIDI Sync


  • 8 different play modes
  • Gesture recorder for sequencing
  • Audio input recording and resampling
  • 6 simultaneous samples (with 8 voices each)
  • 5 effects per sample


  • Ableton Link
  • IAA (Inter-App Audio)
  • MIDI Sync input
  • Audiobus Input and Output
  • Dropbox import
  • Export to AudioShare
  • WAV and AIFF file support

Here’s the official intro for Samplr:

Pricing and Availability

Samplr is available for $29.99 USD in the App Store.

14 thoughts on “Samplr Update Adds Ableton Link Support & More

  1. Cool! I’m glad Samplr has not been forgotten. It’s one of my favorite music apps for the iPad. I would love to have the ability to trim samples on the app itself, without having to go into AudioShare to do it and then having to replace the sample with the new trimmed version.

    1. We should just be happy there’s been any update at all but I’m totally with you. Trimming within the app has been atop of my wish list since forever.

  2. Thank you Marcos to not forget this fabulous app! – my preferred on iPad.
    Maybe pan function on each track for next time…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. iยดve been a user since the first OP-1 infringing UI, but didnt fire it up for years.
    it is indeed great to have an update however i cant help but feel bitter about leaving us hanging for so long.

    i know the realities of putting out apps are difficult and one needs to take on other opportunities but the way it was all handled was borderline disrespectful.

    samplr is a fantastic app which is what made it so frustrating that it was left to atrophy, even worse, announcing the much needed features and then ghosting the users…

    i suppose i should stfu, but basically what i am saying is, if there is ever another app from the guy, i wont be buying.

    1. Yeah, I agree on your final point there.

      How can you be even remotely bitter about a man creating a selling an app that works just as well now as it did the day that it was released? Similarly, how can you claim frustration on the app being “left to atrophy,” for fuck’s sake, especially after having admitted that you haven’t fired it up in years?

      If this app was broken or buggy, or *gasp* if you actually used it, you might have something of an argument, but this is just unwarranted vitriol.

    2. If I remember correctly, years ago Samplr author was hired by Apple. Maybe he had to sign some agreement preventing him from publishing code that provides new functionality to non-Apple applications during time of his employment (wow, that was long sentence). This update is mostly bug-fix, it doesn’t contradicts that theory.
      Just my 2 cents.

      1. hi borion, yeh hence my “other opportunities” comment.
        the problem was announcing the link update and then not even replying on the pile on of comments on his facebook page. we were just left in the dark for years.

        now for the ones that have reading difficulties, i stopped using samplr because integrating it with any sort of setup was a nightmare with both hardware or ios.. the app was far behind the standards but i would even be satisfied with a proper midi sync which was advertised as working but was actually a buggy mess.
        so yes the sync was straight up broken. there was a midi clock app that one could use to convert one midi signal to whatever samplr worked with but even that was a pita, other bugs notwhitstanding.

        and man iosis, i realise reading may not be your strong suit but please try.
        my frustration comes from the fact that many of these (must have) features have been left out for so long from an otherwise fantastic app. you see the “frustation” was because of the “fantastic” part get it?
        like driving a ferrari but only being allowed to go 40mph?

        if you read my comment as vitriol. well that is the reality you choose to live in, cant help you there.
        i will be over here where words have their intended meaning.

        fwiw i think its laudable to stand up for developers like that, but i am not trying to be an entitled ass here.

        1. “now for the ones that have reading difficulties, ”

          From someone who can’t be bothered to capitalize a single sentence out of 4 paragraphs.

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