Steinberg Introduces Streamlined SpectraLayers Elements 6

This week, Steinberg launched SpectraLayers Elements 6, a streamlined, simpler version of the audio spectrum editing system, with fewer tools, processing capabilities and parameters than the existing SpectraLayers Pro edition.

SpectraLayers Elements 6 Key Features:

  • Surgical and intuitive spectral editing with 16 real-time tools
  • Advanced Selection Engine
  • Selection-based effects
  • The only visual transformation system for sound
  • Tracks, Regions and Clips separated as Layers
  • ARA 2 and AAX compatibility
  • Integration of other audio editors, such as WaveLab or iZotope RX
  • 2D and 3D visualization of the Spectrogram
  • Native restoration effects and spectral noise reduction

“I use SpectraLayers every day in my workflow. It’s such a time-saver when using samples, I always want the original sample to sound ‘correct’ before I start adding color and effects to it. It’s really easy to do in SpectraLayers, I can visually see what’s wrong with it and just fix it. I always bring the acapella in SpectraLayers to fix resonances and balance the harmonics.” said Stefan Engblom, producer and one half of Dada Life.

Pricing and Availability. Steinberg SpectraLayers Elements 6 is available in a free 30-day trial version. The regular version of SpectraLayers Elements 6 is $79.99 (VAT-free), and SpectraLayers Pro 6 full version is $299.99 (or upgrade from SpectraLayer Pro 5 for $99.99), via the Steinberg website.

More information is available on the Steinberg website, and SpectraLayer Elements tutorials can be found on the Steinberg YouTube channel.

6 thoughts on “Steinberg Introduces Streamlined SpectraLayers Elements 6

    1. It’s very useful for many of the operations in a mix down to separate elements of the mix that would otherwise fall to the basic channel EQ for instance. Sadly, the video’s doesn’t say much about how it’s used rather than what it does. I would buy it if I had a some problem mixes worth a some serious money. Otherwise, I’m just not that busy in the studio lately.

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