Modal Electronics Updates Argon 8 Firmware

Modal Electronics has released a free update to the Argon8 line of synthesizers.

Here’s what’s new in firmware 1.2 for the Argon8:

  • Arp/sustain latch mode
  • Polychain implementation – up to 16 voice polyphony
  • Support for ARGON8M and ARGON8X
  • Multiple Aftertouch curves
  • Improved Patch randomisation
  • VST/AU MODALplugin ARGON8 support

See the Modal site for details.

4 thoughts on “Modal Electronics Updates Argon 8 Firmware

  1. Both of those together would be pretty solid and not quite the $1800 retail price for the AMS synth. They both lack poly AT & the ribbon section, which differentiate the Hydrasynth from most of the pack. Its up to you to decide if that’s where you want to go musically. I don’t think its hype, because they didn’t even announce until it was ready to ship.

    It has a strong signal path with multiple LFOs & the like, plus CV/GATE options. Its pricey, but it’d also make a good master synth for several situations. People diss YouTube demos, but if I watch 10 of them, 3 always show me the basic heart of a synth. If you’re keen on wavetables, I think this is the current hardware leader. If you’re more softsynth-minded, the range of choices is nice at the moment. Check out Serum, Dune 3, Pigments, Ableton’s options, etc.

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