Native Instruments Ends Support For Dozens Of Legacy Products

Native Instruments has announced that it is discontinuing support for a wide range of legacy products, meaning that it will no longer be possible to install them on new computers.

As of May 31, 2020, a range of legacy products from Native Instruments and third-party manufacturers, as well as the activation tool Service Center, will be discontinued. Already installed and activated products will still be able to be used without limitation, but it will no longer possible to reinstall or reactivate any of these products on a new computer.

Here is the list of discontinued products:

  • Absynth 2 – Native Instruments
  • Absynth 3 – Native Instruments
  • Absynth Sounds Volume 1 – Native Instruments
  • AC-Box Combo – Native Instruments
  • Akoustik Piano (before 1.1.0) – Native Instruments
  • B4 – Native Instruments
  • B4 II – Native Instruments
  • Bandstand – Native Instruments
  • Battery – Native Instruments
  • Battery 2 – Native Instruments
  • Battery Studio Drums – Native Instruments
  • Electronic Instruments 2 XT – Native Instruments
  • Elektrik Piano (before 1.5) – Native Instruments
  • FM7 – Native Instruments
  • Guitar Combos – Native Instruments
  • Guitar Rig – Native Instruments
  • Guitar Rig 2 – Native Instruments
  • Intakt – Native Instruments
  • Kompakt – Native Instruments
  • Kompakt Sony ACID Pro – Native Instruments
  • Komplete 2 – Native Instruments
  • Kontakt 1.0 – Native Instruments
  • Kontakt 2 – Native Instruments
  • NI Essentials – Native Instruments
  • NI Spectral Delay – Native Instruments
  • Plex Combo – Native Instruments
  • Pro-52 – Native Instruments
  • Pro-53 – Native Instruments
  • Reaktor 2.3 – Native Instruments
  • Reaktor 3 – Native Instruments
  • Reaktor 4 – Native Instruments
  • Reaktor 5 (before – Native Instruments
  • Reaktor Electronic Instruments – Native Instruments
  • Reaktor Electronic Instruments 2 – Native Instruments
  • Reaktor Session – Native Instruments
  • Studio Collection – Native Instruments
  • Traktor DJ Studio 3 – Native Instruments
  • Traktor DJ (from 2001) – Native Instruments
  • Traktor DJ Studio – Native Instruments
  • Traktor DJ Studio 2 – Native Instruments
  • Traktor DJ Studio 2.x – Native Instruments
  • Traktor FS 1.5 – Native Instruments
  • Traktor FS 1.5 – Native Instruments
  • Traktor FS 2 – Native Instruments
  • Traktor Hercules – Native Instruments
  • Twang Combo – Native Instruments
  • Vokator – Native Instruments
  • Boesendorfer290 – East West
  • Colossus – East West
  • EWQLSO Gold Ed – East West
  • EWQLSO Gold Ed Pro XP – East West
  • EWQLSO Silver Ed – East West
  • EWQLSOSilver Ed Pro XP – East West
  • Hardcore Bass – East West
  • Hardcore Bass XP – East West
  • Percussive Adventures – East West
  • PSP Adrenaline – East West
  • PSP Drumkit From Hell 2 – East West
  • PSP Percussive Adventures 2 LE – East West
  • PSP Stormbreaks – East West
  • PSP Vapor – East West
  • Ra – East West
  • SO Brass – East West
  • SO Brass Pro XP – East West
  • SO Percussion – East West
  • SO Percussion Pro XP – East West
  • SO Strings – East West
  • SO Strings Pro XP – East West
  • SO Woodwinds – East West
  • SO Woodwinds Pro XP – East West
  • Stormdrum – East West
  • Stormdrum Intakt – East West
  • Symphonic Choirs – East West
  • Artist Drums – Best Service
  • Artist Grooves – Best Service
  • Chris Hein Horns – Best Service
  • Classical Collection – Best Service
  • Cult Sampler – Best Service
  • Ethno World 3 Complete – Best Service
  • Galaxy Steinway – Best Service
  • Galaxy Steinway 5.1 – Best Service
  • Latin World – Best Service
  • Orient World – Best Service
  • String Essentials – Best Service
  • Altered States – Zero-G
  • Analogue Sequencer Loops – Zero-G
  • Beats Working in Cuba – Zero-G
  • Morhology – Zero-G
  • Nostalgia – Zero-G
  • Outer Limits – Zero-G
  • PSP Afrolatin Slam – Zero G –
  • PSP Koncept & Function – Zero-G
  • PSP Nu Jointz – Zero-G
  • PSP Vol 7 The Operating Table – Zero-G
  • PSP Wired – The Elements of Trance – Zero-G
  • Sounds of the 70s – Zero-G
  • Sounds of Polynesia – Zero-G
  • Vocal Forge – Zero-G
  • Celtic Instruments – Big Fish Audio
  • First Call Horns – Big Fish Audio
  • London Solo Strings – Big Fish Audio
  • Raging Guitars – Big Fish Audio
  • Garritan Jazz – Garritan
  • Garritan Personal Orchestra – Garritan
  • Vitual Grand Piano – Art Vista
  • CM Session – Computer Music
  • Future Loops – Future Music
  • Virtual Drumline 2 – Tap Space

97 thoughts on “Native Instruments Ends Support For Dozens Of Legacy Products

  1. > as well as the activation tool Service Center, will be discontinued.

    That’s fine as long as I can get a full refund.

    > Already installed and activated products will still be able to be used without limitation


    > but it will no longer possible to reinstall or reactivate any of these products on a new computer.

    We need a class action lawsuit. No one should ever purchase NI products. This outfit is criminals.

        1. Exactly. 100% agree. That is the point.

          No support? Fine. No authorization possible (even with older systems)? Very disappointing.

    1. Amen. I have a beautiful legacy computer still running many old software programs. 2 years ago replaced HD had to ask NI for activations they gave them to me but asked why are you still using these older versions…
      Because they work fine and I paid for them. No support, fine but denying reinstallation?
      You will never get another dollar from me. My other 4 new computers will never see me purchase another NI product.

    2. Not allowing new installs really is F’d up in my opinion. As is not supporting older hardware… MKI and “The Latest” Guitar Rig controllers are straight up not supported. Ive wanted to map things up with the Guitar Rig controller and at this point you basically can’t as far as I can tell. Its ridiculous, and I have basically been an NI fanboy. haha

    3. INDEED! Crack the shit out of this market scam, NOW. I’m sure more companies will follow (believe that Waves are there, more or less, already).

      Software should be cheaper to purchase than hardware – now we now better, folks!

  2. >> meaning that it will no longer be possible to install them on new computers.

    Chances are you’ll be OK if you move an existing hard drive into a new machine, but this is a horrible decision that pretty much confirm’s NI’s management doesn’t really care about its customers.

    1. Wrong Im running OSX Snow Leopard and I had to change my logic board MAC PRO 5.1 Now Absynth 5 needs a new activation. No go impossible. When I started having problems I removed one processor and even then the license stop working ? Hey they seem to use a lot of data to authorize. I’m still wondering about that that function ? What processor have serial numbers ? Or was it just the specs data ? No idea I just know Absynth 5.1.1 no longer works and is good for garbage. Thank you

  3. the writing was on the wall for a lot of these; others perhaps not.

    ni has always been mercurial about this sort of thing.

    that’s why i started looking at uvi falcon and halion for my sampling needs. kontakt, battery, fm8, and absynth haven’t seen a really decent update in 100 years. massivex is a joke at least until they allow user wavetables. plus, preset management is the worst of all the big names in software. i won’t be giving them another penny if i can avoid it. anyone remember kore sounds? lol.

    like they’ve _been_ supporting vokator all this time? jesus h christ.

    1. … maybe you don’t get… we don’t care about ‘support’ – they’re saying if you ever need to reinstall WE CAN NO LONGER USE THE SOFTWARE WE PAID FOR.

      1. oh no, i get it. i’ve been unable to (re-)install a lot of these on the mac for _YEARS_. i _HATE_ ni and truly will avoid giving them another penny if i can avoid it. trying to make sure i have my alternatives all lined up the next time i either get a new machine or upgrade an OS — and weighing new purchases against the idea that they may pull stunts like this. it’s just sad, cuz i used to like their products. now i just look at their tiny, confused UIs and think why would _anyone_ want to use this?

  4. This is messed up. Glad I never invested in software much beyond a synth plugin or two here and there. Same reason I still buy disc copies of video games, amongst other “analog” aspects of life.

    A hardware digital synth is “analog” in my book now compared to this nonsense.

    1. Or iPadOS Safari both mobile and desktop sites – if there are such. It looks ok on my iPhone, but it’s a completely different format – probably the real mobile site now.

  5. Long, slow death. Couple years ago, I remember all that news about how they were raising capital for some big, next-level growth. They were going to somehow transition from the small pond of music software to something with a wider market. Music production tools blurring with consumer entertainment, and they were going to be the Apple of that space. Actually now that I think about it again, it doesn’t sound that crazy. A market like they’re imagining could exist. Haven’t heard good things about the management team, though. And 2 1/2 years later… what has that big investment yielded besides unhappy employees? And they’re stagnating in the market they’re trying to grow out of.

  6. Does NI own EastWest? I’m confused by this announcement. Can no longer move forward or update EastWest software instruments. I don’t have NI but I have a lot of East West stuff including several titles mentioned. That’s really not cool. The very reason I prefer hardware.

    1. No, East West products used to be Kontakt and Impakt libraries many moons ago, but they developed their own sample player “Play.” I actually thought it was pretty funny that they were somehow still supporting the EW libraries in this format.

  7. Hardware tends to endure much better than any software. I feel for their customers who have invested in these products.

    1. So are any of the Roland, Yamaha or Korg synths you bought 20 years ago still supported then? These companies sometimes discontinue support one year after the product is off the market.

      1. Yamaha still sells parts and repair manuals for my DX7 which I bought new thirty-seven years ago. I have taken advantage of this. But yeah a lot of other manufacturers won’t supply parts to anyone but authorized repair facilities, won’t let end users buy the repair manual, or they don’t carry parts at all.

        Also, my DX7 doesn’t check if it is authorized and then not work if the authorization server isn’t there.

        1. That’s true, Yamaha actually does care. I just repaired a DX100 and still could get parts as well as a repair manual. I was rather thinking of newer hardware that relies on computer connections, such as the Roland System-1/8, which are not class compliant. Once Roland stops support, these synths are potentially bricked.

          1. Yeah all the hardware that comes with a custom driver and is not class compliant is exactly the same as plugins. They’ll stop supporting it and the hardware will stop working. I avoid those products for that reason. I have an extremely expensive commercial color printer I bought for printing band posters. Had a custom driver that wasn’t updated, so I have a 20 yr old computer simply kept around for printing.

      2. Perhaps I’ve been lucky, but I have machines 30 or 40 years old that still work.I have had one or two get poorly, but have been able to get them repaired. Most of the older Windows software has stopped working for me, generally owing to upgrades to Windows. This is one reason I prefer hardware, also generally it is easier to sell on as opposed to hardware.

  8. Hardware tend to endure much better than any software. I feel for their customers who have invested in these products.

    1. I got a Roland i7 for this very reason. Too many unexpected installation issues with libraries (namely orchestral stuff), and plugins outdating before my eyes, not opening anymore in my DAWs, etc.

      I realize some software not only does do the job, and albeit very, very well, it’s super convenient.

      However, hardware lasts the test of time.

      1. Same thing here! I absolutely love it and I think it’s the last of its kind. I just got so tired of buying libraries and then having them not work on my computer a few years later.. dealing with iLok, etc…

  9. I have a few of their titles.. luckily most of them are too new to be on this list.. but I have no doubt that all these products will be pirated and made available as ‘free’ download on torrent sites.. if that is the only way to keep using software you paid for, fine by me.

    1. I think that when this happens, which is natural to an extent, the company should release the s/w as open source. I felt this especially about the Nord G2, which had much more to give I think.

    1. Yeah, I didn’t bother posting until it got below the overflow. Anyway, this stinks. Just what we fear from ‘renting’ software.

      1. Agreed entirely. Even worse – seems, that now, with all those “software center” apps, there is not much difference between ‘renting’ and casual software.

      2. I just bought Eventide “Blackhole” reverb plugin. And guess what I see in their “center”? 2 Installations left!! What if I have to reinstall ableton or my OS? What if I have to upgrade my notebook? This plugin is not cheep at all, I am angry as hell!

        1. That is why I avoid Eventide, as much as I like their DSP. The delivery policies suck. This is the big problem with software, period. They want to charge you as though you buy something. They stipulate, however, that you own the copy, which they may deactivate at will. They want to be paid extra to correct errors, and to be available supposedly to correct errors. They want to monitor you in perpetuity. They want to alter unrelated elements of your system, but prevent you from seeing what they have changed, the better to monitor you. They come back asking for more money regularly, unless they decide to can your software, in which case, too bad. And the software, in most cases, never gets finished.

          It’s quite a racket.

          Just say no, if you can at this stage, after being sucked in for years by promises and ever-expanding outlays.

          The software industry is broken. Still.

  10. I do not see the problem in discontinuing the “support” for old products where new versions are avaiable or if are just libraries which do not need any real support. Also we can not expect that a company provides updated versions for any new os, drivers, or new software or hardware technologies after a long period (some of the products of the list were discontinued more than 10 years ago!).
    But I expect to be able to install my old pro 53 on my old win2000 computer as long as I live.
    The problem may be the “activation center”. It’s an useful tool because you can also directly download your softwares from there, but I see the problem of using it for older products.
    Maybe a fair idea is just stop the support and downloads for the listed products, and switch them to normal web based online activation, without passing thru the activation center.
    I think NI have to invest a little on his long date customers.

    1. that doesn’t help either – the only thin to do is make them free at this point and give them a patch to remove activation, even doing the web based activation means that you have to spent money on labor and tech to support it

  11. NI hasn’t “supported” these products for years. That is fine, I don’t expect forever support. The problem is the software doesn’t work if not activated and they are shutting down the activation service. Each time my hard drive or various other parts die and are replaced, I have to reactivate because it sees a new computer. It also sometimes randomly wants to do an activation check.

    If NI wants to shut down activation, they need to issue us owners who have spent THOUSANDS on their stuff, permanent keys that don’t require the server.

    I can not upgrade to new versions because I rely on discontinued products that don’t run on new machines. Without access to the software I PAID for, over a decade of my work my creative work, comprising tens of thousands of hours of work, will be destroyed.

    1. i agree with this. adobe issued keys and i believe setups with removed activations for their old software, NI can do it too. i have reaktor 4 on a old powermac g4, so i might have to look for some crack or something now. if they can be found.

  12. This is just the negative point behind owning digital assets…. They are just a cloud of electrons floating around a hard drive. I have invested quite a bit in software also. Sorry for anyone who is losing in this incident.

    1. The point is, with a great deal of software you don’t actually own it. You might have paid for it, but you don’t necessarily own it.

  13. Another proof of the big digital lie and its cost
    you’re never really owning anything digital and it can be removed at any time for any reason
    organised obsolescence by hardware and software companies , a game played by all ( apple being a world champion), the link between hardware and software and vice versa, created the perfect business format to milk the users / buyers

    1. Nobody ever claimed you are “owning” anything digital. It’s common knowledge that you purchase a license and not a product. And it’s clearly stated in the license terms you agreed to that service will end at some point. No lies here, it’s all in the open.

      1. When I say lie, I’m not referring to the ownership… I hope everybody knows they are only renting
        It is the hidden cost of digital that is not clear, when you buy hardware , its ones and for all (except eventual repairs)
        with Digital you keep on paying rent …. and it is not getting cheaper ( just look at what protools or cubase did cost you in all these years… cubase = paid updates almost twice a year now…)
        of course some companies are doing it better ( if not right)
        and ok battery 1 can be considered no big deal…. but people are still going back to 808, 909 and even older synths because they can and it does something they like , why should it be different with software
        If a company does not support it anymore , make it free …. and not supported
        Hardware companies also focus on the future , but their older machines still work , even after more than 40 years

        1. That’s actually a good point you have. Software costs can really add up over time. Didn’t see it like that before.

  14. Not a big deal, most of these programs are ancient anyway. If you MUST have Battery 1 support in 2020, something went terribly wrong. I prefer NI focussing on new things instead of maintaining old things barely anyone uses anymore.

      1. Dude, can you read? Clearly not, try again.Preventing installation has NOTHING to do with maintenance. I can install octamed v4, it’s not maintained either… Think before you write.

      1. They are ending support for reaktor 5.1 (15 years old version). If you are using reaktor 5, you are on 5.6 version, and they are still supporting that.

  15. This is understandable and not that big of a deal. If you have these products and they work for you, never update your computer and you’ll be fine. It’s ridiculous to expect a company to continue to support decades old software when support seems more and more difficult with every new OS update, which come faster and faster.

    1. Jesus, how many people don’t understand the difference between maintenance and actively blocking new installations? Is this the first time you’ve used a computer?

  16. Ridiculous. I’ll never buy again.
    We use tons of these Kontakt libraries included Galaxy Steinway, Colossus, Orient etc.. no frigin reason to buy any of the newer stuff just to line their pockets. We also use tons of the other VST’s in older project. You’re telling me I’ll never be able to open the old projects when the PC gets upgraded? And we can’t continue to use the Kontakt libraries WE PAID FOR?

  17. Every one of the pieces of software on the discontinued list was truly and completely cracked a long time ago. You can get all of it now in the usual places. Most of the VSTi plugins still work beautifully in Windows 10.
    I am somewhat confused by things such as “Stormdrum” and “Symphonic Choirs” being listed as discontinued. They’re just sample libraries for Kontakt.

  18. They dropped support for Vokator years ago, i don’t understand why it’s on this list. At that time, I told NI i would just go see smaller developers from now on… i never looked back. I don’t invest too much in only one company, even less in big ones. Anyhow, i think NI should do something to accommodate their customers…

    1. Yes and even Pro 53 or spectral delay not to mention kore 🙁 I really hope NI open the eyes.
      I remember an article from last year that NI got a lot of money from a investor. Where is it all? Massive x?

    1. Really?

      How many of your hardware synths have been upgraded over 20 years? Or could be we be moved to newer hardware?

      The fact is, these apps are 10-20 years old, and if you haven’t got your money’s worth yet, that’s not on NI. These apps will keep on running aslong as your hardware holds up, and it’s not realistic for NI or anybody else to maintain them for free.

      And to the people asking for a lawsuit – you agree to a user license when you buy aoftware, and this is the reason why. They can’t be expected to babysit you for the rest of time because you never upgrade your software.

      Upgrade or keep your old computer around!

      1. Can you not read? No one is arguing about support. The fact is they are blocking installs of paid software. No one expects support for old software or machines.

    2. maybe you remember Kore. It was hardware! Didn;t work, so Native threw it out. Mine is out in the garage in a box. Want it? Anything that has a computer as part of it, will die in 15 years. That is price you pay for things like the digital version of a $100,000 moog modular on a tablet for 10 dollars. You can buy hardware and watch the chips disappear from the planet like sand thru an hour glass.

      Nothing lasts forever. You know, dust in the wind.

      Enjoy the hell out of what you have now.

  19. NI is too erratic and arbitrary in the way they shape things, which is a shame when instruments like their additive synth Razor are such winners. I miss using a few libraries that are Kontakt-only, but it also saves me from this arena of tech-grief. Same with Behringer. You only get so many installs on good will.

    I don’t expect perma-software. I accept upgrades or deletions as part of the freight. Every company has to allocate its resources carefully. Programming can be an unsane job! My best defense has been using numerous Logic-based libraries and Soundfonts, which keep translating to new computers readily. I get great instruments and service from Arturia, AAS, Puremagnetik & G-Media. Choose carefully & you can get whatever you need.

    Also, keep part of your hardware. THAT always keeps its $#@! OS intact!

  20. I want to still be able to open my old projects. Without the correct version I won’t get the sounds. Than I will be just left with the midi information. Very disappointing.

  21. A totally appaling approach by NI. They don’t care too much for music – do they? However – and correct me if I am wrong, but there seems to be some inconsistency in that list. Looking at the Komplete versions they will kill, there are still a lot of Komplete versions after them that include many of the instruments listed?!

  22. Glad I still have old warez versions of my favs, like Battery (still best drum sampler for me). Never gave these jagoffs a dime! LOL

    1. I have booted artists out of festivals and off of compilations for using stolen software. I have also taken part in the prosecution and eventual incarceration of a synthesizer thief. I sleep well at night. Your admission of being a crook adds nothing to this debate or forum. Valid users and artists have real concerns about their tools and work. Thieves are of no importance.

  23. on




    I read:

    “5. Should Native Instruments, for whatever reasons, no longer be able to fulfill its obligations to deliver the activation key, it will provide Licensee with a key which ensures the continued use of the licensed software independent of changes to the computer.”

    There are not doubts about what it means. Isn’t it?

    1. That is some kind of digging Stefano. Its very clear to me that NI are on a course to making a very large mistake as they would be breaking their own agreement. People will need to check what date they purchased the software as the user agreement that was in place on that date is the one that is pertinent to them. Thanks for posting.

      1. On the NI support forum thread the support guy there answering questions says that NI’s lawyers have already seen that clause and that he is pretty sure nothing they are doing violates it, in their eyes. I beg to differ with his interpretation of the clause.

        Lots of users there are discussing that clause and requesting a version that doesn’t check.

        He’s also saying they are listening to feedback and there’s now a new FAQ section with vague items saying they are looking into what they can do:

        > In regards to 3rd party instruments and our own content products, we are currently looking into possible workarounds.


        > in specific cases we might be able to provide at-your-own risk support for our end-of-life products. We can’t promise anything at this point and technical feasibility needs to be evaluated. We will share more information about this as soon as possible.

  24. I looked everywhere on NI’s site, and I could not find their announcement of discontinuing support for the above-listed products. Where/how did Synthtopia get such news?

  25. One way they could mitigate this dumb, disappointing announcement is to create a special version of the Service Center. They could call it “Legacy Service Center” and users could use it to get the products authorized.

  26. I get not being able to support a product any longer. But Native Instruments should gradually release the older software affected like this for free if not open source it. This would buy them some good will.

  27. Not supporting older programs is understandable. Making older programs uninstallable to people that have paid for them is inexcusable, basically deliberate theft. Considering that it would cost NI basically nothing to leave them as installable.

  28. Absynth 3 – Native Instruments
    Absynth Sounds Volume 1 – Native Instruments
    Battery 2 – Native Instruments
    FM7 – Native Instruments
    Guitar Rig 2 – Native Instruments
    Intakt – Native Instruments
    Kontakt 2 – Native Instruments
    NI Spectral Delay – Native Instruments
    Reaktor 5 (before – Native Instruments
    Vokator – Native Instruments
    Altered States – Zero-G
    Analogue Sequencer Loops – Zero-G

    can not be reinstalled !!!!! 🙁
    all work just fine and there is no reason to upgrade to a more cpu intensive version
    not everyone wants or uses the latest features
    users supported NI back then and NI should support users NOW
    these versions and the complete list should be made available for free

  29. I have Komplete 2 —- which is now a doorstop thanks to the end of install-validation by NI.

    My next project: show the world that it’s about the music—– I’m going to all free VST’s and lifting my leg on companies like NI.

  30. Nothing like not being able to open old midi tracks. It is bad enough instrument tracks cannot automatically be replaced with their newer versions. I still have Libraries from at least 4 of these software and Bitzhead before that.

  31. Does anyone know an email to a NI complaint department? The emails that I’m receiving from them are ridiculous, out of order! They literally laughing at you and playing some peekaboo! I never had a problem with them till now and I’m not going to leave it as they’ve got under my skin with them silly responses that are completely out of blue like there’s some issues with the language! How come such company have this much horrible staff!? It’s unreal!

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