19 thoughts on “Polyend Tracker (Sneak Preview)

  1. PolyEnd sure does make cool stuff. This looks fascinating.

    Trackers are kind of a “tough sell” for me, as the workflow doesn’t seem very fun. That said, if anyone could make it cool and fun, PolyEnd can do it.

  2. I’m wondering whether they will be diligent with firmware updates and whatnot or just release and not maintain. I’m still inclined to a nerdseq instead of this…

    1. As long as they do not treat their products as Arturia infamously does and at a minimum companies should promise to support hardware for a minimum of 5 years or until most bugs are resolved prior to the introduction of new features.

    2. Yeah still waiting on a seq update. there’s so much more this machine could do with the way deluge is implemented, you’d think they’d add a few more features.

  3. It looks very interesting, that’s for sure. Interesting enough, to leave renoise? Lets wait for the price and the details (especially the synth engine)

        1. why make the comparison to a different manufacturer that operates at a different scale? look at the price of polyend’s other products for a fairer indication of what this will cost.

          this thing is going to be extremely powerful and a flagship product. i expect the price to be closer to $2500 maybe even 3000. let’s just wait and see who is closer. but i think you’re setting yourself up for disappointment if you hope it to come in sub 1k.

  4. This looks awesome, but trackers are kind of a hard sell for musicians who are used to Live or Logic workflows. I’ve tried showing my friends Renoise, which is actually one of the easiest trackers to get into, and it’s still like an alien language to them.

  5. Wow a hardware tracker? Thats definitely taking music gear evolution into a full circle right there…

    I started on trackers but that was decades ago… Im interested in seeing what this is about though

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