Novation Launchpad Pro MK3 vs Launchpad X

The latest loopop video offers an in-depth comparison of the Novation Launchpad Pro MK3 and Launchpad X.

The Launchpad Pro MK3, introduced at this year’s NAMM Show, combines deep Ableton Live integration with a built-in MIDI sequencer. The Launchpad X, introduced last year, is smaller and more affordable, but does have the sequencer and some other features of the Pro version.

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
0:55 Main differences
3:45 Live session
4:30 Mixer controls
5:40 Track selection
6:25 Device controls
7:30 Misc Pro features
8:45 Note mode
10:30 Custom layouts
14:15 Chord mode
17:00 Sequencer setup
18:30 Step sequencing
20:35 Automation
21:15 Probability
22:05 Mutation
22:55 Micro-step
24:00 Print to clip
24:25 Arpeggiator?
24:55 Pattern settings
26:05 Pattern view
26:50 Scenes
27:25 Projects
28:05 Seq + session
28:55 Setup
29:25 Pros & cons

12 thoughts on “Novation Launchpad Pro MK3 vs Launchpad X

    1. nah, i did textbook comedy writing. a running gag derives its humor from setting up the audience to expect another occurrence of the joke–in our case, “where´s the display?”–and then substituting something else (bait and switch). i/o “display” i´ve chosen “disk drive”. call me larry david.

  1. I got a Push 2 instead of a Launchpad and the quality of the Push 2 is astronomically better than the Launchpad. I have not tried a Launchpad and I don’t think I will after getting the Push 2.

    One thing I haven’t seen on Youtube is a review comparing the Launchpad to the Push 2. That would been very helpful for anyone deciding on which controller to get for Ableton.

    1. The push2 is a very nice dedicated controller that you pay a premium for. I don’t know how you make claims about the quality and haven’t tried the launchpad. They (the pros at least) are very well built and one of my favorite features is that it’s virtually impossible to break anything off them. Launchpads also don’t require Ableton to be useful. The pros are stand alone full featured midi controllers with poly aftertouch. You don’t even need software. The new circuit style 4 track sequencer brings this into territory that the overpriced push 2 can’t touch.

      1. Overpriced? You’ve a Push2? I’ve a launchpad X and a had a Push1 and 2. Nothing compares to the push2 to control Ableton live. Nothing. I don’t need a display to play Ableton with the Push2. Don’t need a mouse or a keyboard. Is perfect to focus on make music and the possibilities and the evolution with the updates are more than you have with a launchpad. If you want you can pay for scripts to stay close to the push but it isn’t the same.

  2. Chris, how can you know the quality of the Push 2 is “astronomically better,” than the Launchpad if you’ve never tried a Launchpad?

    1. Good point. When I asked people to if I should get a Push2 or a Launchpad, people said Push2. I am sorry for making a bold claim when I haven’t tried the Launchpad.

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