ASM Updates Hydrasynth With New Synthesis Options

Ashun Sound Machines has released a free firmware update for their Hydrasynth synthesizer line.

Firmware 1.4 adds new features, such as a new Mutator and several new types of Noise, in addition to bug fixes.

The new Mutator, named PhazDiff, generates a new waveform derived from the difference between the incoming waveform and its inverted and phase shifted counterpart.

Noise now features a total of 7 options, including red, blue, violet and grey noise, further increasing the sound design capabilities of the Hydrasynth.

Firmware 1.4 is available now as free download from the Ashun Sound Machines website in the Downloads section.

8 thoughts on “ASM Updates Hydrasynth With New Synthesis Options

    1. Well we do have a world world wide epidemic going on which did have a major impact on Asia….where a lot of Boards come from…I’d say give it till June/July…conservative estimate ..but then US stores just received Korg’s Wavestate….good sign…so maybe ASM will have them to the world sooner.

      Btw I’m wanting one as well!! Sweet firmware upgrade BTW!! Biting my fingernails in anticipation!!

    2. I was going to say the same thing — this is great news for the 14 people who got one of these in the first batch. 😉

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