New Morphing Editor For The ASM Hydrasynth, ‘Hydramorph’

Synthesist and sound designer John Keston has released Hydramorph, a third-party generative sound design tool for the Ashun Sound Machines Hydrasynth polyphonic analog synthesizer.

The application is designed to algorithmically morph parameters on the instrument, letting you rapidly explore new sound possibilities and also giving you a new way to create music with the Hydrasynth.

Here’s what Keston has to say about it:

“HYDRAMORPH will help you navigate the expansive sound design possibilities of the Hyrdasynth through realtime morphing of customized parameter sets. This allows you to explore endless, unique soundscapes, illustrating how unique and powerful the Hydrasynth is.

This tool is designed to help you uncover new territory hidden within the sonic depths of your instrument.

Although HYDRAMORPH was specifically built to work with the Hydrasynth, the software is independently designed and developed by John C.S. Keston of and unaffiliated with Ashun Sound Machines (ASM).”

Pricing and Availability

Hydramorph is available now for US $39.99 (normally $49.99).

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