Robert Fripp Launches New Ambient Project, Music For Quiet Moments

Robert Fripp, dressed for Pandemic shopping.

Robert Fripp has launched a new soundscape project in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Music for Quiet Moments.

Each Friday, Fripp will be releasing a soundscape, on DGMLive, Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music and other online music platforms.

Fripp is best known for his work with progressive rock band King Crimson. But Fripp has also pioneered ambient electric guitar music, starting with his No Pussyfooting collaboration with Brian Eno in 1973.

“Turning a seeming disadvantage to our advantage, a year at home without touring offers the chance to listen for the first time in many cases to existing live recordings,” notes Fripp’s producer, David Singleton. “And there are treasures to be found! Hopefully something that will nourish us, and help us through these Uncertain Times. I have certainly enjoyed the peace that comes with editing and mastering them.”

You can listen to the first release in the series,  Music For Quiet Moments 1 – Pastorale, below:

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Music For Quiet Moments…


A Quiet Moment is how we experience a moment: the moment which is here, now and available.

Quiet moments are when we put time aside to be quiet;
and also where we find them.
Sometimes quiet moments find us.

Some places have an indwelling spirit, where quiet is a feature of the space:
perhaps natural features in the landscape;
perhaps intentionally created, as in a garden;
perhaps where a spirit of place has come into being over time, as in an English country churchyard.

Quiet may be experienced with sound, and also through sound;
in a place we hold to be sacred, maybe on a crowded subway train hurtling towards Piccadilly or Times Square.

A Quiet Moment is more to do with how we experience time than how we experience sound.

A Quiet Moment prepares the space where Silence may enter.

Silence is timeless.

9 thoughts on “Robert Fripp Launches New Ambient Project, Music For Quiet Moments

  1. Fripp can deliver quality music. Too bad he’s chosen to exploit fear of a particularly nasty virus to purvey it. But that’s common, widespread practice across less-than-essential fields of endeavor. Sorry, Bob. Relevance whore.

    1. Not sure how he is exploiting fear, here. Or why it is relevant. Seems just like many people during this time: staying busy being creative.
      I appreciate he has taken the time to dig through archived audio, edit and master.

      Perhaps you need a moment of silence, yourself.

    2. don’t be upset at anyone forced into the situation for exploiting it. be upset with those who forced us into this situation.

  2. Better than I expected! Apart from the music i do especially like the graphic. The more you look at it, the more you like it and discover details, when taken apart it remains consistent. Nothing is at it seems. The music is very clean, flowing gently in its own rhythm. A bliss in these stressful times.

  3. Which of us *doesn’t* have at least one patch that emulates something akin to classic Revox-looped Frippertronics? I have several, because they’re like rudimentary MPE instruments that invite you to stretch out in different ways. I all but have a separate Fripp section in my music library, so I’m all in for this.

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