LEGO Robots Play Kraftwerk’s ‘Tour de France’

The Toa Mata Band, made up of Giuseppe Acito and a set of music robots based on Lego Bionicle figures, shared their cover of Tour de France, as a tribute to the late Kraftwerk founder Florian Schneider (1947 – 2020).

The Toa Mata Band is described as the first LEGO music robots orchestra made of Bionicle figures. Each band member is built using Lego Bionicle and Technic pieces. A system of electric motors, rubber bands and pulleys connect to the figures’ arms, allowing them to play an array of different touchable synthesizers, drum machines, smartphones and electronic percussion.

The track is a remake of a Toa Mata Band composition, KOP AKA, mashed-up with Tour de France.

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