Akai Pro MPC Live II Hands-On Demo

The latest loopop video takes an in-depth look at the new Akai Pro MPC Live II, compares it to the MPC One and takes a look at what’s new in MPC version 2.8.

The MPC Live II is a portable standalone MPC that offers built-in speakers, a multi-touch display, a rechargeable battery, DIN MIDI, Ableton integration and 8 cv/gate outputs for connectivity to modular gear.

Topics covered in the video:

0:00 Intro
0:30 Live II vs I vs One
2:15 Buttons
3:30 Connectivity
5:45 Size
6:50 Storage
7:30 Speaker test
9:50 Version 2.8
10:15 “Cons” fixed
10:25 Track select
10:35 Q-link overlay
11:45 Pad perform
12:35 Timestretch
14:30 Retro record
15:25 Custom chords
16:10 Other misc
16:25 Multi MIDI
17:30 MIDI settings
18:45 Config & arm
21:00 Live looping
23:15 Pros & cons

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