Akai Pro MPC Live II Offers DIN MIDI, Ableton Integration & Modular Connectivity

Akai Pro has introduced the MPC Live II, a portable standalone MPC that offers built-in speakers, a multi-touch display, a rechargeable battery, DIN MIDI, Ableton integration and 8 cv/gate outputs for connectivity to modular gear.


  • Standalone MPC
  • No Computer Required
  • Powerful Multicore Processor System
  • Built-in Stereo Monitors
  • 16 Full-size Velocity Sensitive RGB Pads
  • Brilliant 7-inch Multi-Touch Display
  • 2 GB RAM, 16GB Onboard Storage, Over 10GB pre-installed content
  • Mac & PC Controller for MPC Software (included)
  • Stereo Inputs 3 Stereo Outputs
  • Phono Level RCA Jacks
  • 2 x MIDI In & 2 x MIDI Out
  • 4 TRS CV/Gate Jacks, 8 Outputs Total
  • USB 2.0 Slot for Storage Drives or Midi Controllers for use in Standalone
  • SD Card Slot
  • 2 USB 3.0
  • Expandable SSD Bay

Pricing and Availability

The MPC Live II is available now for $1199 USD.

18 thoughts on “Akai Pro MPC Live II Offers DIN MIDI, Ableton Integration & Modular Connectivity

  1. They went the garbage direction. MPC One, MPC Live 2? Who are they catering these small changes to? Speakers?

    1. not different from the recent elektron “MKII” updates or Roland SP-404…

      as originall MPC Live owner I appreciate the innards have not changed which means we will still profit from software updates for a while.

    2. I actually think the speakers thing is a great idea. I hate producing in headphones, so on the road, the speakers would be very useful.

  2. Ouch! Bought an original MPC Live earlier this year, assuming the MPC One would be the only new MPC product this year. Fortunately, it looks like all I’m missing out on is the CV connectivity. I think I might prefer the look of the original MPC Live as well, though that could just be me rationalizing my purchase. This new unit looks slightly larger as well.

  3. for 1199$ you can buy a really nice ipad pro, decked out with software that acts the exact same as MPC, + still have money left over for more plugins that would give you much more synthesis options, plus have still more money left over for a hardware usb controller and interface. and yes, you can easily connect CV.

    1. sure and then you still need a multi-TB harddrive + portable powerbank and you’ll have 5 separate pieces of hardware + cables that you’ll be fighting to get working together properly and will be a mess to transport. but i guess somebody will always have to make this comment.

    2. Obviously you haven’t done that and are just speculating. As an owner of an Ipad pro with a Focusrite interface and an MPC Live I can say that is blatantly false.

    1. “Small” would be my guess…
      Pretty much a nonsense update without more ram of better cpu (to run that hype synth). Especially priced like new…

  4. Big fan of my MPC Live. Totally the centre of my hardware set up. Would like to have insight on the decision to do a pretty substantial product redesign, but not address the issue with the RAM. If disk streaming happens, it won’t fix the limited capacity of the RAM if you are using more than few fx or if you want to use the synths for live performance.

  5. Speakers are a wrong choice for me, surely I can add my own if I want them .
    Whilst “portable” , the whole box is being sold as a connectivity hub so they assume you will be connecting (& carrying ) many other devices , so adding one more (my own speaker) to my bag wouldn’t be a problem .
    Instead they’ve added to the size, design & cost for all users whether they want speaker or not.
    I’m more likely to rush to grab the version 1 before they disappear than buy this oversized 2.

    1. lmfao.. in case you missed it: last year they came up with ableton in a box..the force was the best hardware innovation product since korg m1 imo.

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