Inside The Soundworlds Of Steve Roach

In this video, Nelda Sue Yaw visits with ambient/space music artists Steve Roach and talks with him about his music and its inspirations.

The video offers a rare look into Roach’s ideas on sound design and music; insight into how he views himself and his approach to creating music; and some glimpses of him at work in his Timeroom studio.

You can find out more about Steve Roach and his work at his site.

6 thoughts on “Inside The Soundworlds Of Steve Roach

  1. I initially dismissed Steve as a mere Berlin-wannabe, but I came to appreciate his personal style and colorful shadings. “Dreamtime Return” hooked me quite a while back. He’s on my Enoid rotation when I’m looking for an ambient period in the house. Great synth-spotting here, too.

  2. Not knowing who Steve Roach was back in the early 2000’s ….I was selling him Analogue System Modules that I didn’t want…He was amazed that I never heard of him…..we talked on the phone …really nice person…I was so embarrassed….since then I do listen to his works n like them a lot…

  3. A person can dream, of being the next Bill Gates, or a Californian municipal employee, then to afford as much gear, and such a big-brain notion of counterpoint.

  4. Really interesting (again!)…Steve mentions back in the 70’s hearing the music of various bands like Yes. He would hear these short passages within the songs and it would affect him. I became interested in this type of music the exact same way. The short passage in the middle of “Close to the Edge” (“I get up I get down, etc..”), Tangerine Dream, stuff by Mark Isham and Wyndam HIll…Unfortunately, I have yet to really capture that style with my music…still working at though. Thanks Steve for this awesome world….

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