Edisyn Is A Free, Open-Source Synth Patch Editor

Edisyn is a free and open source synthesizer patch editor library, written in pure Java. It runs on MacOS, Linux, and Windows.

The developer says that Edisyn is “particularly good at exploring the space of patches. It has to my knowledge the most sophisticated set of general-purpose patch-exploration tools of any patch editor available.”

Currently supported synths include:

Alesis D4 and DM5
Casio CZ Series (CZ101, CZ1000, CZ3000, CZ5000, CZ-1)
DSI Prophet ’08
E-Mu Morpheus and Ultraproteus (Single, Hyperpreset, and MidiMap modes)
E-Mu Proteus 1, 1XR, 2, 2XR, 3, 3XR, and 1+Orchestral
Kawai K1, Kawai K1m, and Kawai K1r (Single and Multi Modes)
Kawai K4 and Kawai K4r (Single, Multi, Drum, and Effect Modes)
Kawai K5 and K5m (Single and Multi Modes, plus single-cycle wave uploading)
Korg SG Rack (Single and Multi Modes) and Korg SG Pro X
Korg MicroKorg (Single and Vocoder Modes)
Korg Microsampler
Korg Wavestation SR (Performance, Patch, and Wave Sequence Modes)
Oberheim Matrix 1000
Red Sound DarkStar and DarkStar XP2
Roland D-110 (Tone and Multi Modes)
Roland JV-80 and JV-880 (Single and Multi Modes)
Waldorf Blofeld and Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard (Single and Multi Modes, plus Wavetable uploading)
Waldorf Microwave II, XT, and XTk (Single and Multi Modes)
Yamaha DX7 Family (DX7, TX7, TX802, TX216/TX816, Korg Volca FM, Dexed, DX200, DX9)
Yamaha 4-Op FM Family (DX21, DX27, DX100, TX81Z, DX11, TQ5, YS100, YS200, B200, etc.) (Single and (for TX81Z and DX11) Multi Modes)
Yamaha FB01 (Single and Multi Modes)
Yamaha TG33, SY22, and SY35 (Single and (for TG33) Multi Modes)

Edisyn has infinite levels of undo, CC and NRPN mapping and learning, offline modes, randomization, merging, nudging, hill-climbing, patch constriction, per-parameter customization, real-time parameter updates, test notes, microtonal editing and more.

It’s available via Github.

18 thoughts on “Edisyn Is A Free, Open-Source Synth Patch Editor

  1. It’s awesome. On the wishlist would be a pach manager,where one would drag and drop patches.
    Nevertheless amazing and free!

  2. woooow where is this coming from all of a sudden out of nowhere??? i’ve been waiting for Ctrlr to come back to life, but in vain… awesome!

    1. Agreed… the Micron/Miniak really do need a good/better patch interface!

      But this is a welcome addition which I hope will remain nicely supported by the developer and the community.

      1. I am the developer. I own a Micron but it may be the only synth I have ever owned for which I won’t write an editor. The reason is simple: The Micron’s sysex is undocumented and a nightmare. No one knows exactly what it is: people have made reverse engineering attempts. I finally decided that it might be not worth the considerable pain.

        1. Hi Sean
          I reverse engineered all but Multi on Miniak. You can find some of my programs on my Miniaktools sourceforge page. Actually I noticed your program for K1 – nice work. I had created some Ctrlr panels for K1r and basic one for K4. Will likely look at how you cope with the drums on K4.

          If u are interested i am sure we can collaborate on Miniak. I know the Micron didn’t quite support the same sysex commands as Miniak but from what I understand the formats are the same.

  3. I use this for my K4R. The panel developer was very generous in making this available it’s to me the best K4R editor since it also supports drum mode.

  4. Just installed Edisyn on Debian 10. Get the following for me utterly incomprehensible warning on the command line:
    WARNING: Illegal reflective access by edisyn.gui.Style (file:/home/paul/Dropbox/composition_workshop/Edisyn.app/Contents/Java/edisyn.jar) to field sun.awt.X11GraphicsDevice.scale
    WARNING: Please consider reporting this to the maintainers of edisyn.gui.Style
    WARNING: Use –illegal-access=warn to enable warnings of further illegal reflective access operations
    WARNING: All illegal access operations will be denied in a future release

    Should I worry?

  5. Full title of article: “… that doesn’t work at all with a CZ.” Better luck next time – enjoy your time wasted waiting for the download to begin or end.

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