24 thoughts on “Yamaha Montage 3.5, MODX 2.5 Updates Add Smart Morphing & More

  1. guess: yamaha deliberatety decided NOT to put all those great features inside montage when they released it. epic fail, marketing-wise. now it´s too late because every workstation fanboy has already bought a kronos, myself included.
    question: is it possible to record the morphing within the onboard midi sequencer?

    1. Actually, MODX/MONTAGE are not workstations, they’re more like stage keyboards for players/performers, sort of like a Nord Stage.

      But to answer your question, you can actually sequence the motion control.

    1. a comment defending racism on synthtopia? It’s a shame! People have very good reasons to be upset about racist police violence and a president which is constantly dividing the society!

    2. nobody asked your opinion on that.. likewise, would be nice if you too have kept your political opinion out of this…

    3. good point, actually. i recently had a discussion with mic moogulator who runs sequencer.de here in germany. there happens to be lots of alt-right forists on sequencer.de. someone even put “swastika” in his/her description. i don´t know why that is. i remember when the image of acts like propaganda and kraftwerk came across as right. when i was at a dm concert a couple of years ago i saw some neonazis in the audience. most synth players are white, except philinganes, wonder, sancious. kenny kirkland with sting was also black. rip.

    4. @Aaron. I don’t agree with the way you have reframed #BlackoutTuesday, It isn’t about standing with thieves arsonists and murderers.It is meant to encourage reflection about racism, prompted by the racist murder of George Floyd

          1. I would argue my comment was entirely constructive. Especially relative to Aaron’s comment above, which I had replied to. By allowing obviously racist/trolling comments like Aaron’s, and removing politely worded comments of those who disagree with them, you will drive away your readers (and your ad revenue).

            1. Goobs

              We do not manually review every comment before it is posted on the site. This is impossible, due to the volume of comments the site receives.

              We do review any comments that we receive feedback on, though. If a comment crosses the line to being a personal attack on an individual (ie name-calling and other abusive speech) or a personal attack on groups of people (ie hate speech towards a race, religion, the workers at a company, etc) we will remove the comment and note it.

              In this case, we removed both Aaron’s comment and your response, because they crossed the line into being personal attacks.

              We cannot guarantee that you will never see an offensive comment on the site, only that we will review any comments that we get feedback on and handle them appropriately.

              We encourage readers to use the Feedback link, which is found at the top of every page of the site.

              1. How can you reply to a comment clearly name-calling, but not censor it, yet falsely claim my own did so, as they clearly did not whatsoever?

  2. @Synthopia by you allowing racism from Aaron on this page on your site
    you yourselves are participating in racism Synthopia.

    Synthopia you clearly don’t realise you can be shut down investigated
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    because you continue to allow racism support racism on your site.

    1. Woooo

      Thanks for your feedback.

      Long-time readers know that we do not allow or support racism on the site, and will, as noted above, remove comments that cross the line into being personal attacks.

      This doesn’t guarantee that you will never see something offensive in the comments on the site, but we will deal with any comments that get reported appropriately.

      No approach to spam/hate speech is perfect, but we’ve used this approach for over 15 years, and Synthtopia’s comments are more active than most sites, and a lot less riddled with spam and hate.

      Readers can help by contributing constructively and using the Feedback link, which is at the top of every page of the site, and letting us know about problem comments or to offer suggestions for the site.

      1. I should like to know the process you have used to permit slander against my good name in the comment to which you replied, surely all can see it to be what it is, name-calling, and even cheer? Is shame impossible in the present age?

        1. What good name? It’s not the first time that you’ve outed yourself as racist. If you are openly racist and purposly spread misinformation then don’t be surprised if people call you out for it.

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