The nanoPi Is A DIY Synth Based On The Raspberry Pi

The nanoPi is a DIY synth project, based on the Raspberry Pi microcomputer. It combines a raspberry Pi Zero W, 10000mAh battery, and a Korg nanoKEY2 into a single portable synthesizer.

Because it runs on a raspberry Pi, the possibilities for software are open. This build is based on fluidsynth. The video also demonstrates how to use a phone as a controller to change instruments and other settings.

The synthesizer also features external USB inputs, which allow it to be controlled by external MIDI devices. Additionally, the device works in MIDI mode to control a computer and even doubles as a battery to charge a phone or other devices.

The second video, embedded below, covers the software install:

Details on parts are available on geordie‘s Youtube page.

3 thoughts on “The nanoPi Is A DIY Synth Based On The Raspberry Pi

  1. really love repurposing older tech to update to new . we have so much old tech that is perfectly usable and able to be modified . nice job

  2. I would leave out the NanoKey and battery and beef up the RasPi to the latest model.

    The open-source synth ‘ZynAddSubFx’ is quite versatile and feature rich, which can run on the RaspberryPi platform.

    1. Have you tried a PiSound? I’m running one with rasbpi 4 and love it. Looks like ZynAddSubFx could be added to their patchbox os with a little work.

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