Free MacOS Sampler, Samplr For Touchbar

Marcos Alonso, developer of Samplr for iPad, has introduced Samplr for Touchbar – a free app that puts a touchscreen sampler into your Mac’s Touchbar.

His ‘quarantine project’, Samplr for Touchbar is a mini version of the original Samplr and is a great showcase of the underutilized potential of the Touchbar.

Alonso describes the app as “a demo of Samplr for the MacBook Touch Bar.” The app uses the multitouch display of the Touch Bar to play samples in four different ways with multiple controls and effects. The iPad app offers many more features, including four additional play modes.

Samplr for Touchbar is available now as a free download.

Note: Depending on your OS settings/version, you may have to manually authorize the app in System Preferences/Security & Privacy.

15 thoughts on “Free MacOS Sampler, Samplr For Touchbar

  1. Catalina is old news now. Have you heard about Big Sur aka macos11?
    Seems like your road on MacOS will become even more difficult…
    The only VST’s crashing are those that haven’t been updated in years…
    Don’t blame Apple, blame slack developers of your crashing apps.
    Hey it’s 2020, time to move on… 😉

    1. > blame slack developers of your crashing apps

      No, it’s Apple that doesn’t do compatibility testing. They introduce errors in new releases that lead to these crashes. Developers then have to create workarounds for the new system bugs. When the plugins are released, they generally work on the system at the time.

      > t’s 2020, time to move on… [to Windows]

      Windows does have significantly better long term compatibility. It’s not perfect but you don’t lose so much software with each new release. You can have a stable system using legacy and current software, something not possible on the Mac.

    2. Call me a luddite, I just don’t see the reason I need to upgrade to Catalina. I don’t know whether my apps will crash, but I don’t see the point in spending several hours finding out. I also think I would have to also reinstall xcode tools and all my brew packages.

  2. I digress… Very cool app for the Touchbar feature, turns my laptop’s somewhat vague feature into a fun and useable sampler. But I do get the warning that it thinks the installer is “malicious”.

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