Ludwig Göransson Scoring The Mandalorian

The Star Wars YouTube channel released this video of composer Ludwig Göransson scoring The Mandalorian.

It is essentially a music video for the main theme from the popular TV series, but careful viewers will get some insight to the wide range of instruments used in the score, ranging from recorders to a Eurorack modular system. 

The video also showcases a projection system, aka ‘The Volume’, that allows the show to feature so many locations and environments, putting Göransson and his synths on a space station, a desolate planet and other places from the show.

One thought on “Ludwig Göransson Scoring The Mandalorian

  1. That was fun. Multi-instrumentalists as good as Ludwig aren’t around in large numbers, but you get a lot of subtle lessons on being a better synthesist when they take on gigs like this. Percussion is easy to take up when you already play keys, but learning to finesse it takes time. Nice video in total, although Baby Yoda tastes like chicken.

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