New Plugin, inSIDious, Brings Classic Commodore 64 Sound To Your DAW

inSIDious is a new software synth that recreates the sound of the classic Commodore 64 SID chip.

Developer Mike Clarke felt that none of the existing VST emulation attempts were anywhere near suitable as a replacement for his HardSID Quattro sound card (containing 4 actual SID chips). So, he took it upon himself to create his own emulation.


  • Oscillators
    • 100% authentic 6581 & 8580 variants
    • Pulse, saw, triangle, noise waveforms
    • Step sequencer for classic arps
    • Adjustable internal mod clock
    • Pitch LFO+Env, PWM LFO+Env, Amp Env
  • Global Filter
    • 6581 and 8580 models
    • Multimode (LP / BP / HP)
    • 6 selectable 6581 curves
    • LFO, Env, keytracking

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

inSIDious is available now, with an intro price of $49 USD (normally $64).

5 thoughts on “New Plugin, inSIDious, Brings Classic Commodore 64 Sound To Your DAW

  1. I got it yesterday and love it. It sounds just Like I remember my C64 sounding. I’m impressed. The manual is a nice read too. I can tell a lot of thought, and passion went into this, and ir really shows in all the details.

    1. Can it load and play SID songs? I looked through the manual but didn’t see anything about playing SID songs.

      1. Probably not. SID songs are actually machine language programs. The best way to play SID music is on the VICE Commodore 64 emulator.

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