The WASP Vintage Synth Demo

Synthesist and documentary maker Alex Ball shared this in-depth look at The WASP – a vintage synthesizer, created by British synthmaker Electronic Dream Plant in 1978.

The video mixes history with an in-depth demo of The Wasp, and wraps it up with a track featuring sounds of the vintage synth.

Video Summary:

“EDP were Adrian Wagner (yes he was a relation), Chris Huggett and Steven Evans. They only traded until around 1982, but that wasn’t the end of their synth story. Chris Huggett in particular has had a prolific career in the industry, founding the Oxford Synthesizer Company in 1983 and releasing the (also iconic) OSCar and subsequently (after work with Akai), he joined Novation, who are still trading to this very day.

Back to 1978, the concept of the WASP was to build a powerful, low cost synthesizer. That seemed to have worked as one of the original reviews I found uses the headline “The Synth we can all afford” but still dubs it a professional instrument.

I also found a Moog price list dated June 15th 1978 and it lists the Minimoog as $1,995, the Multimoog as $1,495 and the Micromoog as $895. Assuming they sold for about the same in the UK, the equivalent prices would be approximately £1,090, £820 and £490 respectively. The aforementioned WASP review also states that an Odyssey is still over £1,000 in 1978, so with the WASP priced at £199 this demonstrates what a bargain it was at the time.

In fact, I had a brief conversation with a friend who remembers running out to buy it the moment he heard about it in 1978 and he still has his. It was also the first synth of Dave Stewart and Nick Rhodes among others.”

Topics covered:

0:00 – Intro
0:42 – The WASP
2:07 – The Keyboard
2:59 – The Oscillators
3:40 – Noise
4:03 – The Controller Oscillator
5:06 – The Filter
6:08 – The Envelopes
6:30 – LINK
7:11 – Internal Speaker
7:32 – Demo Track
9:21 – Outro

If you’ve used The WASP, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

8 thoughts on “The WASP Vintage Synth Demo

  1. Brilliant synth. Clever design. unique sound. Corners cut. Thats the choice you had to make. Still desirable for me so i built a Jasper.

    1. Behringer’s Wasp is a copy of the Jasper synth, not the original EDP Wasp. They copied the Jasper’s ENV Hold button, probably also the envelope behaviour.

      That said, perhaps you should just buy a Jasper instead.

    2. A simple hardware mod fixes it. (Solder on a resistor or a diode or something). This is identified in the Wasp Deluxe Thread on Gearslutz.

      I believe Behringer is doing it as a warranty repair, so the mod would likely already be present in new units.

  2. Thanks for the video, it really brought back memories and gave me a real laugh. My Wasp and Spider sequencer have long since gone but it was a great time in my life 🙂

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