Advanced Sound Design With The Novation Bass Station II

In this official Novation video, synth guru Chris Calcutt (-Calc-) explores the possibilities of sound design with the Bass Station II.

The video is from a live streaming presentation, and starts about 2:14 into the video embedded above.

Calcutt covers some of the more interesting and unusual features of the Bass Station II, including a look at programming the powerful AFX mode, releasing the 3rd Oscillator, paraphonic control and exploring the programmable envelopes.

If you’ve got your own ideas for getting more from the Bass Station II, share them in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Advanced Sound Design With The Novation Bass Station II

  1. The Bass Station II might not be expensive, but it’s the kind of instrument that people buy and hold on to because of its versatility and extremely good value. I sincerely hope that we see a Bass Station III at some point.

    1. The firmware upgrade that provided AFX mode is pretty much Bass Station 3. The way Focusrite runs things, Novation has been dropping anything that costs too much to remain at a certain profit margin below a certain volume. Witness the Ultranova. You can get the Mininova, but it’s a shoddy build in comparison, and only still for sale because it’s cheap. I doubt the Bass Station will remain if they figure more people will buy Circuit Mono Station.

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