An Ode to Plantasia (For Mort Garson)

Moog Music shared this music video for An Ode to Plantasia: For Mort Garson and the People Who Love Him, by Patricia (Max Ravitz).

The music comes from a live ambient modular performance at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, inspired by Mort Garson’s 1976 album Mother Earth’s Plantasia.

Piece #1 – @0:00
Piece #2 – @5:57
Piece #3 – @10:36
Piece #4 – @15:22
Piece #5 – @20:41

About Plantasia

In 1976, the late Mort Garson released Mother Earth’s Plantasia, an album recorded “for plants… and the people who love them”.

According to Moog, Plantasia was the first album on the West Coast recorded using just a Moog modular synthesizer.

Original pressings of the album were only available with the purchase of a plant from Mother Earth on Melrose Ave in LA or with the purchase of a Simmons mattress from Sears. Nevertheless, the rare album has over time earned a cult following.

Plantasia was reissued in 2019 by Sacred Bones Records.

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