New Synth, Quadrivium, Based On The Orbits Of 12 Moons Around 4 Gas Planets

Developer Giorgio Sancristoforo (Berna, GleetchLab) shared this sneak preview of Quadrivium, a new software synth that’s based on the orbits of 12 moons.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

“12 moons orbiting around the four giant gas planets as modulation sources? Yes!

Orbital data from Jan 1 2020 to Jan 1 2030 (hour by hour) are used in the forthcoming Quadrivium synthesizer to modulate oscillators, filters, delay and create incredible spacey soundscapes.

Did I mention that you can also use the moons’ orbits to modulate your MIDI gear? :D”

Details are still to be announced.

10 thoughts on “New Synth, Quadrivium, Based On The Orbits Of 12 Moons Around 4 Gas Planets

    1. I may have to agree with you, aside from the interesting user interface in particular the various moons, this is a glorified sine wave generator.

  1. I love the concept. It’s quite whimsical, and characterful. I’m not sure I get the application though.

    So the moon data is just used as LFO’s? Not used in the oscillator section? I mean… Isn’t that essentially a 12 lfo 3osc synth with delay and reverb where the LFO’s are all at a fixed relationship with each other?

  2. It is a work of sound art that you can play. That’s all it needs to be. Another in a line of wonderful stuff from this human. Unless I’m utterly broke I’ll happily buy anything he makes at this point.

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