7 thoughts on “Moog Matriarch Mega Tutorial With Cuckoo

  1. The only thing better than butter is more butter – Julia Child (matriarch of cooking)

    This is more butter.
    What a great sounding synth. And its cool factor is off the charts..

    Check out about 9 minutes when he messes around with the delay. Gorgeous.

    It’s expensive of course, I get that. Maybe wait for the Behringer in 2 years

    1. “This is more butter.”

      Perfect. It really is.

      Certainly not an inexpensive instrument but it might be the most competitively priced Moog synth ever. If you tried to build a similarly spec’d eurorack synth, it’d cost waaaaay more and would lack the cable-less default patching.

      I’m saving for one. Wish it had labels on the top for the back panel jacks but I suspect I’ll just add something ugly. Also hoping they release a mobile app to make changing hidden settings a little more quick/intuitive.

    2. I only know of two 4 oscillator paraphonic monosynths on the market today and one of them is the poly d. So I’d say Behringer’s version is already available. Others will beg to differ.

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