Dove Audio D501 VCF/VCA Audio Demo

Synth designer Paula Maddox shared this video demo of the new Dove Audio D501 VCF, which is based on the NJM2069 VCF/VCA chip.

The Korg NJM2069 VCF/VCA chip was used in synths like the Poly800, DW8000 and DSS1. The module features controls for cutoff, resonance, 12/24dB output mode, Filter cutoff CV depth, Resonance CV depth, VCA CV depth and VCA gain.

Here’s what Maddox shared about the technical details:

Here the Q911 drives a Moon Modular quantizer into two WTF oscillaors set to sawtooths, fed into a mixer and into the D501. The Q119 also clocks a quad AD/AR module and the output of the D501 goes into the Corsynth Quad VCA, and also to the FX Capacitor, to create a delay.

Also notable in the video is a custom trigger expander module for the Q119, which is used to evolve the sequence length. Maddox plans on publishing the PCB and Bill of Materials for this as a DIY project.

Pricing and Availability

The Dove Audio D501 VCF is available now for £275.00.

3 thoughts on “Dove Audio D501 VCF/VCA Audio Demo

  1. This sounds alot like the Radikal filters… hmm I wonder if they based them on this.
    Anyway, this is my favourite filter ever. The DSS1 and DW8000 are fantastic sounding.

  2. The Dove Audio modules I own (2) are some of the best modules I have, the sound is creamy, lush, and very musical. But it is probably the last modules I will purchase from Paula. She recently revealed that she suffers from depression, I guess that is supposed to explain a lot and so do I Paula. But you just can’t treat your customers with an attitude.

    That’s all.

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