Mondo Announces Mongo ‘Mando’ Box Set

Fans of The Mandalorian, and its score by composer Ludwig Göransson, will want to check out the comprehensive vinyl edition of the soundtrack that’s coming on the Mondo label.

Mondo has created a mongo 8 LP box set of the Göransson’s complete Season One soundtrack. The one-time pressing features music from all eight episodes, each pressed on their own 180 Gram vinyl disc, with original artwork by Paul Mann, and housed in a heavy-duty slipcase adorned with Mando’s mudhorn Signet.

It’s $200, over the top and limited to 3,500 units. But for hardcore fans of the series, this is the way.

11 thoughts on “Mondo Announces Mongo ‘Mando’ Box Set

  1. This is the way to boost the value of your vinyl collection. “I’ll sell you my entire collection for 6 grand, I don’t have anything good you say? I got the Mando box collection! Yes, I accept PayPal.”

  2. in the behind the scenes series on disney+ there is a whole episode on the audio and it is pretty cool watching it – I had never actually seen a bass recorder before but I kinda want one now.

  3. Merchandising that George can be proud of!

    Love the score and I reckon it’s worth 200 smackers for those who can afford it. Eight 180g records at 20-25 bucks gets you to $160-$200 anyway. Add original artwork and limited edition and Star Wars….seems priced pretty well.

    Hope it comes with a download code though—that’s a whole lot of record flipping!

    1. Unless something has changed, to my knowledge mondo releases do not have download codes. They do not pay for the digital rights.

  4. I personally didn’t like the score of that series at all. But respect to the guy for not trying to imitate William’s masterpiece and doing his own thing.

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