ASM Hydrasynth Custom Sounds By Jexus

Sound designer Jexus – WC Olo Garb shared this audio demo of a collection of custom patches for the ASM Hydrasynth.

The video offers a preview of a collection of 200+ original sounds for the Hydrasynth – and a variety of sounds that showcases the audio possibilities of the synth.

Here’s what they have to say about the technical details:

“I did not use additional FX in the demo, all the delays, reverbs, flangers, panning, loops and other effects are part of the Hydrasynth engine / mod matrix. I used some EQ though (not enhancing, basically just keeping the middle band under control).”


0:00 yellow
0:18 magic lintel
0:38 ubergoog
0:56 mums of gold
1:08 huehuetenango
1:18 a memory
1:56 odo of cluny
2:41 b-leave
2:55 jack of all trades
3:15 perfect is always short
3:58 electrically excitable
4:22 follow the ray
4:37 797
4:48 a family secret
5:24 dog star
6:09 scorched circuits
6:44 is it steve?
6:58 cheap! new! toxic!
7:14 organelles
7:28 cody
7:40 digits
7:55 old croak
8:29 living like a pro
9:06 hideaway
9:52 my own private funfair
10:35 a.b.l.e.
11:11 finally i have found you
11:35 anvil
11:58 width of emotion
12:19 mistah – he dead
12:43 langel
13:13 plectrum one/two
13:45 obliterator
14:15 bad prognosis
14:46 stones
15:07 gathering around the bonfire
15:25 silphium
16:03 the voice of sha
17:00 de/constructive feedback

Additional audio demo:

The sounds are available for € 26 (Euro).

11 thoughts on “ASM Hydrasynth Custom Sounds By Jexus

  1. Nice sounds. But, I am afraid to admit, I am fed up with people naming their patches “Is it Steve?” or “Dawn of Spectral Toads in Heat”. How did electronic music get into this mess? Why not name a patch something informative, “Two VCOs, Two LP24 X-Faded”. I don’t know, but I ignore most patches because I would have to spend hours rooting around trying to learn the difference between Steve and the Toad.

      1. I agree with Maxim. Over the years of listening to Jexus, his work is so weird, yet packed with such emotion and artistry, that I’m thrilled to get the extra packaging of the sounds name. Let’s you know where he is coming from. Or not. I have no idea where he is coming from. Because where ever it is, he’s not from around here…

    1. Yeah, artists having the right to name their work whatever they want is really annoying and its ruining my experience with the product.


  2. Maxim has it right. Jexus does some awe-inspiring, near-bionic melding no one else can touch. Besides, a real synthesist should be able to come up with something interesting when handed the title “Dawn of Spectral Toads in Heat.” At least its more descriptive than “Strings 1.”

  3. Call a sound whatever your personality and sense of artistry dictates. If you purchase the sound-set you can poke around on your synth and see how many VCOs and LP24s are X-Faded. Should not be a problem.

    Leaving aside the technical aspects, I was struck by the variety of sounds that he has created. Top quality sound design. This demo caused me to reconsider my impressions of the HydraSynth.


    1. “This demo caused me to reconsider my impressions of the HydraSynth.”

      Great comment!

      Too many sound designers seem to be content to ‘coast’ in making sounds for synths. Or maybe too many companies are not more adventurous with their sounds.

      But I’m always amazed to see what MUSICIANS can do with good instruments – whether they are ‘classics’, great new instruments, or instruments that are popularly disdained. A talented musician – like Jexus – understands how to make the most out of their gear.

      Makes me want to buy a Hydrasynth, but also makes me want to spend more time giving my existing gear a good workout!

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