Moog Makes 3000th Moog One Synthesizer

Moog has announced that it’s assembled its 3000th Moog One synthesizer, after about 2 years on the market.

“This #synthesizer has been on an amazing, evolving journey since it first met the world in October of 2018. To everyone here at Moog who’s helped make this instrument special, and to so many of you around the globe whose musical creations continue to inspire us, thank you.”

While some questioned if there was a market for a $6,500+ flagship analog synthesizer when the Moog One was introduced, the fact that Moog has manufactured over $20 million worth of the synthesizers in two years validates that there’s room in the market for high end synth designs.


22 thoughts on “Moog Makes 3000th Moog One Synthesizer

  1. Good to see moog get to grips with polyphony .Definetly a serious synth .
    I am pleased to see moog survive. I hope they continue looking at all their potential customers needs rather than just the wealthier ones.

      1. I think all the manufacturers use endorsements. Moog has sponsored artists such as Lisa Bella Donna which is great. I love watching synth reviews and demos on youtube. But it would be great to know very roughly how much of the earnings of youtubers are (a) paid directly by the manufacturers or (b) come from the privileges given to positive reviewers (such as early access).

  2. Congrats to Moog and glad that synth is likely keeping a lot of folks employed. I love my Sub37 so no worries about having this one.

  3. I can’t speak directly to any plans Moog might have for a possible ‘Moog Two’ at half the current prices, but they could surely double those sales numbers. Its a big Maybe, because the Moog One’s custom insides make a CS-80’s seem like an old friend. The company works in part because they diversify. It might not be good resource allocation to work on a Two, but who wouldn’t want to see that?

    1. Sadly, the ‘double the sales numbers at half the price’ doesn’t make any business sense.

      Moog can make millions selling the Moog One at the current price, but trying to sell it at half the price would mean that they would work twice as hard to lose money on every sale.

      Moog has demonstrated that they can compete and even dominate the market at every price point – cheap iPad apps, affordable Eurorack synths and high-end flagship synths. They are smart enough to know what NOT to make. What other company is doing this?

    1. That’s saying that you don’t like Wendy Carlos, or Kraftwerk, or Herbie Hancock, or Rick Wakeman, or Keith Emerson, or PFunk, or Michael Jackson, or Devo, or Gary Numan…

      I could understand not liking the sound of a few of these bands, but it’s really hard to imagine a synth guy not liking any of the well-known Moog users.

    2. I find it very odd that you don`t think Moog synths sound good, because they without a doubt do just that. But of course they also can sound really bad which is good!
      The Moog one is a BEAST with almost infinite sound capabilites.

  4. Congratulations, Moog!
    The ONE is an incredible synthesizer, and I’m glad to see them reach this milestone.

    For those who go on about the price, it’s interesting to note that the Prophet 5 was $4595 in 1980, which would equal almost $14,500 in today’s dollars.

  5. WHOA WHOA, hold up now. Doesn’t say they’ve sold that many. Could be they made all those before the pandemic and haven’t sold one since….!

    1. Indeed. They have produced 3000 units, but there are certainly a LOT of them stil in stock, in their warehouses and in retail stores, unsold.
      I seem to remember an article by Bob Moog about a certain Minimoog D synth back in the early eighties, of which 1400 units were still stored in an old gelatin factory, unsold for many months… And then later came the DX7 and analog synths, like the Minimoog, got liquidated at ridiculously low prices.

  6. The Moog One is a truly glorious synthesizer. I feel so inspired by the sound, It’s magical, and I just bask in the beauty. The best part about it, It’s a MOOG! ?

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