Hands-On With Aphex Twin’s Modular Synthesizer

In his latest video, Alex Ball takes a look at a rare Theis Modular Synthesizer (TMSS) from around 2002, which was previously owned by Richard D. James (Aphex Twin).

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
0:23 Aphex Twin
1:09 What is the Theis Synthesizer?
2:06 Raw Demo Sequence
3:52 Summary
4:28 Contextual Demo

Other gear used in this video:

Roland System 100m
Roland System 500
Ryk 185 Sequencer
Roland Juno-6
Roland TR-707
Roland TR-606
Roland CR-8000 (samples)
Korg KR-55B
Yamaha DX7
Simmons SDS-3
Pollard Syndrum Twin
Fairlight CMI Drum Samples
Ibanez RM-80 Mixer

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