The Basics Of Analog Video Synthesis

In the latest Perfect Circuit video, LA-based artist Alex Pelly demonstrates the basics of analog video synthesis, from thoughts about planning a modular video synth system to the functions of individual modules.

Pelly discusses modules by LZX Industries and Erogenous Tones in depth, showing how they can be used as the core of a video-oriented modular system. And by providing an extended tour of her personal system and a detailed patch walkthrough, she demonstrates some tactics for harnessing feedback, audio reactivity, and hands-on control to create video that dynamically evolves along with music.

11 thoughts on “The Basics Of Analog Video Synthesis

  1. I am probably 5 large in with about 1/4 of the modules Alex has, and it’s fun to make things happen, but I’m still clueless. She should consider doing private Zoom lessons or something like that since I think I could really benefit more from an hour one-on-one learning about my specific modules.

  2. Hi, very interesting ! I was wondering if there were resources on “DIGITAL video synthesis” as I am more interested by the precise aspect of digital vs. the sloppy side of analog… 😉

  3. MUST RESIST. I do not need *another* crazy analog electronics hobby. That said, this is a great video and I sincerely hope that a few of my friends dive into analog video synthesis and show me their amazing rigs.

    1. Careful, I gave a compliment as well, and triggered somebody, they ended up deleting my response. They’ll probably delete this, just for bringing it up.

  4. Looked at some of these modules awhile back. I wasn’t too impressed. I was expecting Scanimate type animations and it didn’t appear to deliver. I’m not going back to find out, but I think it had something to do with how the scanimate system could deflect the o-scope crt beam and break it up line by line. Dunno if modern systems can do the same. Didn’t have the ability last time I checked, though you could build a setup yourself but fast analog multipliers are expensive. ymmv.

      check out spectral mesh
      it is just a raspberry pi based openframeworks setup very easy to get started with and fairly cheap to make yourself.
      These are just totally different areas of video synthesis. She is doing standard shape synthesis and you are talking about sending video to a oscilliscope and rescanning it.
      What you are looking for has been perfectly doable with a visual cortex for a long time now you just need a scope to accompany it.

      you just have to know how to get what you want.

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