Korg Prologue Gets Third-Party Patch Editor

Developer Dominique Bontemps has released a third-party patch editor for the Korg Prologue synthesizers.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

“The panel is an editor and librarian for the Korg Prologue and covers all parameters at program level and for the two timbres (main and sub).

It also handles the Global parameters, but not yet the Livesets.

Besides the editor, you will also benefit from a complete librarian. It will allow you to manage an image of the content of your Prologue (after exporting a full dump from the synth then loading it in the panel), and also two “disk” banks that are banks only on your PC.

From there you are able to perform different program operations between the banks (copy, swap, init and move).

The librarian is going further! It will also allow you to perform similar operations with timbres and, not the least, you will be able to give names to your timbres, store a description of the programs, the author name and the date.

Finally, a last section allows you to list the parameters of programs or timbres, to compare them, to compare saved and current values…”

The panel is a standalone and VST/AU application but the VST/AU versions are provided as-is as it has only been fully tested with FL Studio and not with other DAWs. For other DAWs than FL Studio, only the panel functionality has been tested, not the exchange with the synth.

Pricing and Availability

The price for the panel is 25 Euro. See the editor site for details.

If you’ve used the Prologue patch editor, leave a comment and share your thought on it!

7 thoughts on “Korg Prologue Gets Third-Party Patch Editor

  1. I keep wondering why Korg’s so sloppy with editors. Most of their keyboards lack an advanced editor (especially the analogue ones), many librarian/editor programs are not compatible with Catalina (even though Korg had plenty of time to prepare for the x64 switch) and they keep deleting old editors from both Mac and Windows from their website.

    Why can’t Korg be up-to-date just like all of the other manufacturers are? Or at least tell us “Hey we’re working on this”. Last time I emailed Korg they told me they’re aware of the issues, but they couldn’t even tell me whether I’ll ever be able to use my editors again.

    Even better, Korg should make a single editor/librarian app that lets you edit any parameter and store whatever you want, just like Soundtower’s editors, Midiquest and the likes.

    1. I disagree with most of what you wrote,
      First, It’s not an editor by korg.
      Second, They put enough knobs and switches so you don’t really need an editor. It can be helpful but not a necessity.
      Third, “Universal editors” are the worst kind of editors. CTRL-R’s are usually really great,

  2. I just acquired a Prologue of my own and I am interested in obtaining this editor. It doesn’t seem to matter which link I follow, I’m never offered an opportunity to purchase it. On the ctrlr site, I can’t even register because, no matter what kind and form of a username I choose, it tells me it is invalid. Following their link to github, just brings up a directory of stuff with nothing even labeled so you know that each of the links gets you. It seems that is somebody is trying to sell you something they should, at least, make it easier for you to find a link to a purchase page.

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