Martin Peters – ‘Reflection’ (Live Performance)

Dutch synthesist Martin Peters shared this synth jam, Reflections, which he notes is ‘somewhat inspired by the beautiful music accompanying the slide show of the Node Live Blu-Ray‘.

The live performance features a combination of vintage and modern synths, including a large-format modular synthesizer, Oberheim SEM, Korg Odyssey, Moog Polymoog and more.

Here’s what Peters has to say about the technical details:

“You hear the Sequentix Cirklon sequencing 2 voices of the Modular, the Oberheim SEM and the Mutable Instruments Stages which is configured as a Harmonic Oscillator.

The NDLR is sequencing the Korg Odyssey and the DSI Mopho. The VCF of the Moog Polymoog is triggered by the gates of a separate Cirklon sequence. The solo is on the Moog Minimoog.

The title refers to questions spinning around in my head for which no one knows the answers to.

The track was recorded live to multi-track on the Behringer X32 Compact and mixed in Studio One afterwards. I hope you will enjoy it.”

5 thoughts on “Martin Peters – ‘Reflection’ (Live Performance)

  1. ‘Berlin’ bands like NODE often include some very propulsive pieces, but Martin’s work is largely more reflective and even relaxing, without putting you to sleep at all. I sometimes enjoy letting it roll when I read, which you can’t really do to the Buzzcocks.

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