Free Akai Pro Force Update Brings Arranger Mode, Ableton Live Import & More

Akai Professional today announced the released of Force firmware 3.0.5, an update that brings:

  • Arranger mode for song finalization
  • MIDI Multi for expanded device connectivity
  • Macros – layered parameter assignments, effects, and automations
  • Assign control parameters to 64 pads, crossfader and touch UI
  • Advanced 16 levels for dynamic sample triggering
  • Ableton Live Project Import

“With this update, we wanted to equip users with a completely reimagined set of tools,” notes senior product manager Dan Gill. “More importantly, we wanted to solidify the creative experience on FORCE by ensuring users can start, adapt and complete the most elaborate performances and compositions.”

Here’s what’s new in Force v3.0.5:

  • Arranger – Impromptu jams and song sketches can now be finalized into completed compositions with fast and simple recording of your clips. Navigate quickly with the graphical user interface menus that make quick editing and revising possible with just a few gestures on the touch screen.
  • MIDI Multi – Users have independent control of MIDI tracks for up to 32 devices via USB. Connect your class-compliant USB MIDI hub and immediately access your favorite synths, modules, MIDI-based effects and more. Modify MIDI device names, layer MIDI tracks and set device behavior with Track and Master settings.
  • Refined Workflow – Simultaneously control multiple parameters with custom knob assignments to accurately dial in effects, processing or automation. Enjoy advanced 16-level functionality for pad performance dynamics for any style. Enhance your pad performances with real-time control of modulation, pitch bend and more. Create and save your custom effects racks, load to a track and control with macro knobs and visual feedback.
  • Ableton Live Integration – Force comes pre-mapped to control Ableton Live wirelessly or via an ethernet cable using Ableton Link. Enjoy the seamless flexibility to instantly switch FORCE between standalone operation and Live Control mode without ever stopping playback from either ecosystem. You can now bring your Ableton projects into Force, using the new Ableton Live Project Import function.

Pricing and Availability

Force update 3.0.5 is available for free for all current users from the Akai Pro site.

11 thoughts on “Free Akai Pro Force Update Brings Arranger Mode, Ableton Live Import & More

  1. The comment section on any Akai Force future post will shrink to nothing. For sure someone will complain that the Drum Synth isn’t included but FINALLY. I can try out the arrange mode, dislike it then sell it!

  2. I have the MPC One and am very impressed with it. The two improvements see would be 1) midi out via USB instead of Ethernet b.s. and 2) bar lengths more flexible than the smallest being 1 measure as is (wish you could also adjust loops from within a measure i.e. 1.2-1.3 loop points)
    With the last point of improvement, it seems to me, judging from the videos, that Force handles that type of sub-length of bars…is that accurate for me to think that?

      1. Isn’t USB MIDI restricted for use in MPC software whereas the Ethernet MIDI is for general use? Yes, sequencer resolution may be 96 ppq but that wouldn’t be of consequence to setting smaller than 1 bar loop segments

          1. I’ll have to investigate this. It may only be midi i/o intended specifically for their daw. Or it may he midi i/o when used with midi hub (which works like a charm via the type a port). But going through the type b port…that doesn’t seem to be recognized on my Mac, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Omnisphere standalone.

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