Analogue Solutions Colossus Official Demo Videos

Analogue Solutions shared this series of demo videos for their Colossus modular synthesizer.

The Colossus is a £25K super-synth, inspired by the classic EMS Synthi 100.

Analogue Solutions describes the Colossus as ‘a big, no-compromise synth design,’ adding “It’s not entirely practical, but…impressive physically and in sound.”

8 thoughts on “Analogue Solutions Colossus Official Demo Videos

  1. I love crazy synth releases like the Colossus, the Schmidt synthesizer and even the Moog Model 10 reissues. They’re delightfully aspirational, and you *know* that there are a handful of people with enough money and space that they’ll buy them and love them.

    That said, if someone gave me £25K with the requirement that I spend it on music gear, I’d end up with a roomful of modern classics like the Novation Peak, Moog One, Sequential OB-6, Roland TR-8S drum machine, a fully loaded Universal Audio DSP box and a nice Mac and still have money left over for some whacky modular stuff.

  2. I’ll stick with Eurorack…..Diversity in the module selection is near limitless….25,000 Pounds can buy me a number of Eurorack n Buchla systems….

  3. Is it a synth or is it furniture? I’ll take two thanks, so I can have stereo 🙂

    Analogue Solutions stuff generally sounds great from what I’ve heard in YouTube videos, which makes this one rather baffling! Because if someone played me this demo (with its nasty tearing sound and irritating bleeps) and said, “check out the free VST which can do this”, I’d think, nah, not gonna download it, sounds like trash!

  4. i thought your comment was unnecessarily dismissive and rude, until i watched the video and realised you were absolutley correct.

  5. Awesome. I loved this demo and the sound palette. I see they have a few YT demos up showing a variety. It remains, however, out of my reach!!

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