Novation + Aphex Twin Synthesizer Teaser

Novation shared this teaser video of a new collaboration with Aphex Twin (Richard D. James).

Details are still to be announced, but the video suggests that they’ve collaborated on a keyboard synth that offers microtuning and the AFX mode of the Bass Station II.

Think you know what they’ve got coming? Share your thoughts in the comments!

32 thoughts on “Novation + Aphex Twin Synthesizer Teaser

  1. Great news! Synthesisers need more weird. Big expensive polysynths are perfect if you think chords are great but the rest of us require strange features and unexpected behaviours. I also think that all synths should have randomness functions built in.

    1. Amen on the randomness feature! Modulation is great,but something more than lfo’s and standard envelopes should be de rigueur these days.

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  3. Definitely a bass station based thing due to the look of the sliders and knobs we can see between second 20 and 22. Bass station 3 ? AFX mode for bass station 2 ? We’ll know it soon.

  4. looks like this is a bs2, now called afx station. plus new box, aphex logo, black knobs, red lighted wheels and the features that came with updates are screen printed on it.

  5. It would suck if it is just a BSII with some tweaks. It would still be a fine bass synth but deserves no new attention if this is what it is.

  6. There will be another collaboration synth comming from Novation and Aphex Twin…but the next one is going to be an original, as long as this one sells well.

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