Erica Synths SYNTRX Analog Matrix Synthesizer Now Available

Erica Synths has announced that its SYNTRX analog synthesizer is now available worldwide.

The SYNTRX is a matrix synthesizer, created in collaboration with engineers from Riga Technical University, that takes inspiration from the classic Synthi AKS,  but is an original design that offers capabilities that go far beyond the synth that inspired it.


  • 3 VCOs that track over 8 octaves
  • Octave switch for the VCO1
  • Sync option for the VCO2
  • Noise generator with “color” filter
  • Resonant VCF
  • Ring modulator
  • Spring reverb
  • ASR/AD looping envelope generator
  • Joystick controller
  • Input amplifier with adjustable gain
  • 3 VCAs
  • Sample & Hold circuit with an individual clock
  • Output signal filter
  • Mechanical CV/audio signal level indicator
  • MIDI In and MIDI Thru
  • Built in speakers

Pricing and Availability

The SYNTRX is available now for € 2500.00.

34 thoughts on “Erica Synths SYNTRX Analog Matrix Synthesizer Now Available

  1. The meaningful questions are how much “real Synthi” is in it and do the modern aspects make that work better for you? The VCS3 was NOT known for tuning stability; it was more about artfully controllable chaos. I don’t know how much of that is retained here or in Arturia’s software approach, but if you’re sniffing any version of this, you already know what kind of madness you have.

      1. the structure is the same and it has all the mods you would want the Ems to have
        and I guess if u combine it with a spring reverb that is included anything sounds like old sci-fi movies

        1. “SYNTRX [sintrex] is developed from scratch all analogue synthesizer (no part of schematics is cloned from Synthi AKS) with digitally controlled patch matrix”

  2. Just to note lots of comments on muff w from those who have gotten hold of the first batch noting poor quality printing on faceplates although all agree that it sounds great

    1. Seems like a standard concern people raise with preproduction prototypes, doesn’t it.

      Remember the fuss over the Behringer RD8 Demi videos, where the whole panel was bending every time they pressed a button?

      The AKS is one synth where a straight up clone probably doesn’t make sense over something like this, where the tuning is stable over 8 octaves.

    2. Just double checked mine against your comment, and no issues for me. There is a tiiiiiiny bit of ink bleed on one letter. Mine was one of the first 10 built.

      Erica, can we please get some kind of decksaver or nylon cover? Since quantities are probably too low for a third party to take it on…

      1. @crall: do have some lego bricks lying around? …it is quite easy to build a decksaver out of lego.
        you can even choose the color… 😉

        1. lol, my ability to have this hobby is DIRECTLY connected to my decision not to get married and have kids. So I don’t have them laying around and I never thought of that.

          But I like that idea because I can get creative in compensating for the joystick sticking out an inch or so higher than the rest.

          1. you can also have a beloved wife and kids plus synthesizerlove and also build stuff with lego 🙂

            Also some people also have still lego from back in the days lying around in the basement.

            I build a decksaver for my digitakt (which i still use to put the DT in my backpack) ..see here:
            (build with Lego Technic which is more stable than bricks)

            just to get that lego decksaver thing complete…


  3. So cool that now we can get modern versions of about any classic synth, ranging from the Synthi to the Prophet 5 to the ARP 2600 and even Moog Modular.

    Hope this synth glut stays around until I’m flush with cash!

    1. I bounced off of it the first time I owned one, then I realized it is pretty flexible for the price, but if you don’t want a small keyboard with a built in sequencer or arp then I can see it not being useful. I like having a backpackable ecosystem so it fills the void pretty well.

    1. “I guess Erica Synths will lose this race to Behringer…”

      Behringer already lost. This is shipping, and is actually original.

      Behringer’s VCS knockoff is vaporware and the only reason anyone will care about it when it does ship is that it will be cheap.

  4. I admit it’s a riddiculously cool looking synthesizer but can’t help thinking I could get more for that amount of dosh, perhaps a second envelope…

    1. You could look into getting something like a Matrixbrute. It’s really a fantastic instrument with a similar modulation matrix layout. I just augmented mine with a Minibrute 2s to add a few extra midi syncable LFOs and envelopes. I don’t know what they cost in Euros but in Canada the Matrixbrute is around $3300 and a Minibrute 2s is on sale for $425. According to Siri, 2500 Euro is $3857 so the combo I just described would get you more for less, with similar functionality and then some. That said, I bet this thing will sound awesome and looks to be very robustly built.

  5. I really enjoyed listing to the demo video. I’m glad to a “remake” of the famous synth on On the Run. Based on the video, it seems that more geared as a synth “fx” box. I didn’t see a lot of synth playing but running that bass guitar through it sounded amazing.

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