An Introduction To Generative Patching With Modular Synthesizers

In this video, Eurorack synth designer Eric Schlappi (Schlappi Engineering) takes a look at generative patching techniques for modular synthesizers.

The video was originally created as part of Portland Community College’s Music & Sonic Arts program in Spring 2020.

In the video, Schlappi diswcusses generative patching techniques, including a patch breakdown of synthesist Todd Barton’s Krell Muzak patch, and a generative patch inspired by Rob Hordijk’s Benjolin.

Schlappi notes that, in the video, he discusses Krell is a reference to Fantastic Planet, but that it is actually a reference to Forbidden Planet and its soundtrack by Bebe and Louis Barron.

5 thoughts on “An Introduction To Generative Patching With Modular Synthesizers

  1. More content like this please! Great Video!!! So what there was a blooper…we are all entitled to a few …if not more. Forbidden planet was a ‘break out’ Sci Fi movie….the soundtrack inspired so many artists….

    More content like this ….pretty please!

  2. Yes, very informative video. Yes, more content like this, please. So what if a blooper occurred….no harm done! We all make them time and again. I was a big fan of ‘Forbidden Planet’….sound track broke a lot of molds…..Sound track was one of the first pieces of music that got me excited and propelled me into learning about music at an early age!

    Yes, please more content like this!!

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