ADDAC System Relabi Generator ‘An Experiential Gestalt’

ADDAC System has introduced the ADDAC405 Relabi Generator, a gate/trigger and CV generator that can be freely used to trigger events, or act as a complex modulation source.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

In 2009 John Berndt coined and defined the term Relabi in his essay “Relabi”: Patterns of Self-Erasing Pulse, these are his own words:

“Relabi, Def.: The experience of a palpably coordinated plurality of events that appears to be cyclical but simultaneously suspends identification of a uniform pattern, preventing a resolved sense of pulse. Relabi therefore seems equally pulsed and unpulsed at the same time. It is an experiential gestalt, a quality of experience, greater than the sum of its parts (it forms a sustained unity in experience, albeit of a new kind).”

He also makes the question: “Why would anyone want this Relabi experience? I maintain that much of what is exciting in musical forms involves an interplay between the setting up and denying of pulse expectations.”

Inspired by this idea we developed this module that is both a gate/trigger and cv generator that can be freely used to trigger events or act as a complex modulation source. Four Sine LFOs are internally generated, each has controls for gain, frequency and mute(off). These 4 LFOs are then mixed together to generate what Berndt named the “Relabi Wave” this “wave” becomes a complex bipolar CV source. This ±5v bipolar “wave” can be monitored on the 2 dedicated leds and is also available at it’s own Output.

Pricing and Availability

The ADDAC405 Relabi Generator is shipping in late November for €250, and the module will also be available as a full DIY kit.

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