Soma Pulsar 23 Drum Machine In Depth Demo

In his latest loopop video, synth guru Ziv Eliraz digs into the new SOMA Pulsar-23, described as ‘an organismic drum machine’.

The PULSAR-23 features 52 knobs, 11 switches and over 100 inputs and outputs, which means it gives you a tremendous range of sounds and rhythms to explore.

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
1:00 Overview
2:40 Connectivity
6:10 Synth controls
8:45 Bass drum
9:35 Bass
12:00 Snare
13:10 Pitch seq
14:05 Hi hat
14:55 Clock div
16:20 Trig loopers
20:35 MIDI
22:00 Effects
24:45 SHAOS
28:25 Hanductivity
29:10 LFO FM mod
30:00 LFO as osc
31:00 Hard sync
31:50 Using noise
32:30 Env mods
32:45 Patch chains
33:30 Quantized loops
35:55 External clock
36:30 3/4 jam
37:35 Pros & cons
42:25 Outro jam

If you’re interested in the Pulsar-23, see also our video with designer Vlad Kreimer for a demonstration of his vision for the drum machine.

6 thoughts on “Soma Pulsar 23 Drum Machine In Depth Demo

    1. I think if you check your Websters again you’ll find “guru” simply means a person with knowledge or expertise

      How could you not think that after going through his channel

    2. Dissing Loopop, why should one do this?

      He is a very friendly person with an extremely versatile YouTube channel, with quite unique and honest content.

  1. I got mine a few months ago—it showed up ONE WEEK TO THE DAY after they shipped it, which was shocking given a lot of complaints I’ve seen on forums about timing. Unfortunately I suffered a hand injury recently and haven’t been able to make music without exacerbating it, but I cheated and have spent about 3 cumulative hours with the Pulsar and I must say: it is—at least for me and my experimental style—completely worth all of the hype and will be one of my best gear friends for life. It’s like having a temperamental android collaborator that spits ideas at me which I have to react to. Basically an Automated Muse.

      1. I got it directly from Soma. I was on the waiting list since May of last year, and my unit was ready in mid-September of this year (apparently I exaggerated when saying that I got it “a few” months ago).

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