Steve Roach Debuts ‘Tomorrow’ With Live Streaming Performance

Ambient/space music artist Steve Roach debuted his latest album, Tomorrow, with a live streaming performance, embedded above.

The performance starts about at about 24:40 in and features close to 2 hours of music. Roach performs with a wide range of keyboards and synthesizers, combining playing, sequenced elements and live mixing of pre-recorded tracks.

At the end of the performance, Roach debuts several music videos for tracks from the new album.

The music of Tomorrow is described by Roach as “elegant futurism,” combining his interests in more ambient ‘floating’ sounds and kinetic sequencing. He also sees the album as a musical response to the current state of the world.

The opening track was created days after his March NYC concert was cancelled due to the pandemic.

“While my daily mode of operation is more about the connection to the here and now,” notes Roach, “my thoughts were shifting towards a ‘tomorrow state of mind.’ When the storm clears, after a major pressing of the reset button of our lives, will we wake up to a scorched metaphorical earth or a freshly tilled verdant soil for new life to emerge?”

“I had a sense of being a first responder in sound and music, drawing from my creative core, staying connected to this as a grounding rod. I redirected the energy and momentum built up in preparation for my New York concert, aware of the unfolding world events, manifesting this anticipation for tomorrow during this extraordinary moment in time.”

You can preview Tomorrow via the embed below. The album is available on CD and in digital format via Bandcamp, in high resolution formats via Spotted Peccary and on vinyl via Behind The Sky music.

2 thoughts on “Steve Roach Debuts ‘Tomorrow’ With Live Streaming Performance

  1. Having been introduced to Steve Roach via the original Blue Mars stream a couple of decades ago, I’ve been pleased to see his music gain more attention. Even though I generally prefer dark & heavy dance oriented electronic music, I still find Steve Roach’s music is something special. My wife and I really enjoyed this stream.

  2. Thanks Steve for another wonderful performance. I am actually starting to change my musical direction (to a more ambient atmospheric style) because of your influence. Though I do not own an Oberheim, I do own a Memorymoog and I am going to start incorporating that back in to my rig (as it has just been rebuilt and sort of reborn). I enjoy these streaming performances greatly because I get to see how you work in your own studio…gives me lots of ideas of how to modify mine. Thanks again. Well Done.

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