Alpha Forever Modular Sound Design Envirornment Updated


Developers Gábor and Balázs Gyutai have released an update to Alpha Forever – a node-based modular sound design system for Windows that allows you to create custom instruments and effects.

The update focuses primarily on mixing and audio signal processing.

Here’s what’s new in the Alpha Forever – Autumn 2020 Update:

  • New nodes:
    • Compressor – a transparent compressor to enhance your mixes
    • Dynamix – our own version of a dynamic processor
    • EQ band filter (single and dual channel) – a high quality EQ band filter using ZDF filters
    • EQ shelving filter (single and dual channel) – a high quality EQ shelving filter (low/high) using ZDF filters
    • Spectrum analyzer – a 2 channel spectrum analyzer with adjustable refresh rate and smoothing
    • Stereo Mixer 4 – an 8 channel mixer with 4 stereo tracks
    • Stereo track – volume and panning of a stereo track
  • New features:
    • Node processing order display mode
    • Plugs that create a sample delay (due to feedback or other processing issues) are now differentiated by a ‘z’ sign

Pricing and Availability

Alpha Modular Forever is available for Windows for US $80

8 thoughts on “Alpha Forever Modular Sound Design Envirornment Updated

  1. Nice. But…this functionality and much more is already available in Reaktor for years, and before in Generator. I don’t see the added value of this.

    1. For me Alpha Forever is much more faster and easy to use, so I prefer to use it instead of reaktor most of the time.

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