Apple Garageband Update Adds 50 New Instruments & More

Apple has released an update to Garageband for iOS that adds 50 new instruments, allows you to record tracks that are 3 times longer and more.

Here’s what’s new in Version 2.3.9:

  • New audio recordings can be quickly started from the Home screen by touching and holding the GarageBand app icon
  • Maximum song length at default tempo has been increased from 23 to 72 minutes
  • The ruler now offers an option to switch from musical bars and beats to minutes and seconds
  • New downloadable “Keyboard Collection” sound pack includes over 150 keyboard loops and 50 instrument patches like pianos, organs, and electric pianos

It’s available now as a free update.

13 thoughts on “Apple Garageband Update Adds 50 New Instruments & More

  1. I’m always confused when they just say “Garageband” then you have to dig for IOS or Mac. They should have just called it Garagebandis for IOS.

  2. Editing in this app is such a hassle. After the release of the novel keyboard case I was hoping for a “full” logic or at least a strongly extended garageband…..:-(

    1. I think it largely depends on what you’re looking to do. Still no mix bus, still no editable automation outside of volume control. For knocking together a track as a demo, or if you’re not terribly worried about automation in what you’re writing, it’s hard to beat. It’s definitely come a long long way since its first release on iOS where it was really more just a toy. A few more features to put it on par with the Mac version would be very welcome.

  3. Normally, an iOS release of Garageband is quickly followed by a MacOS version, after which a version bump of Logic is released

    1. I really hope the new instruments come to Mac GB, I’m always a fan of good sampled instrument collections, especially of less common instruments, I can only hope these come to logic as well

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