Metabolic Devices Intros Moonwalker Phase-Variable Attack/Decay Generator & Papomi

Metabolic Devices has introduced two new modules for Eurorack systems, Moonwalker & Papomi.

Moonwalker is a new 10hp Eurorack format analog attack / decay generator that operates as an envelope, LFO, or audio oscillator, all with 360° continuously variable phase offset.

A 2nd waveform output acts as a reference, so shifting signals in and out of sync with each other easy. The phase offset modes either preserve the range of modulation or bias the output so it always starts from 0, inverting your envelopes or LFO’s without changing their amplitude like normal attenuverters.

The trigger input ignores or responds to retriggers (hard sync), and reactively adapts to frequency range and cycle states. Manual trigger and swap / alternate buttons keep things playful, and half-normalled feedback to the phase offset attenuverter skews the waveform from saw to triangle to ramp without changing the frequency.

Erik Dower, designer of Moonwalker says “One of the most exciting things about Moonwalker, is that you can perform filter sweeps or other modulations without your envelope ever disappearing or going out of range”.

Many function generators have separate attack and decay controls but Moonwalker’s phase offset parameter brings constant modulation transforms so fluid, you will think you’ve been hit by a smooth criminal.

Also new from Metabolic is the Papomi, a panner polarizer mixer module.

Papomi is a new 8hp Eurorack format dc coupled mixer and panner / polarizer from Metabolic Devices that facilitates exploration of feedback structures such as karplus strong. The dc coupled mixer offers a unity gain input, 2 inputs with attenuverters and a dc offset control with electronic detent for easy nulling. The mixer output is half-normalled to the input of a simultaneous panner and polarizer with cv and attenuversion.

“While there are some nice utility mixers on the market, none of them strike the right balance of features for feedback warriors,” says designer Erik Dower. “Papomi has multiple output points that ease setting up feedback networks, a mixer to sum the returns, and voltage controlled routing / amplification to help turn constant drones into expressive note events.”

Pricing and Availability:

Metabolic Devices’ Moonwalker module costs €368, and Papomi is €150. Both new modules are available now.

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