New Music From John Carpenter – ‘Lost Themes III: Alive After Death,’

Sacred Bones Records has announced that the third solo album by John Carpenter, Lost Themes III: Alive After Death, will be released February 5, 2021.

You can preview the first single from the album, Weeping Ghost, via the embed above.

Here’s what they have to say about the new album:

“Underpinning Carpenter’s renaissance as a musician has been his collaboration with Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies. They’ve composed and performed as a trio on studio albums, on soundtracks, and onstage.

On Lost Themes III, the trio reaches a new level of creative mind meld. Richly rendered worlds are built in the interplay between Davies’s guitar and the dueling synthesizers played by the Carpenters.”

In addition to a standard version of the album, they’re planning several limited edition options:

  • a deluxe edition on red vinyl with exclusive screenprinted, hand-numbered, and wax-sealed alternate wrapped sleeve, limited to 500;
  • Sacred Bones-exclusive red, white, and black striped vinyl, limited to 1000; and
  • Sacred Bones Record Society-exclusive “Gold Nugget” vinyl, available to members of the 10th installment of the SBRS.

Each copy of the record comes with a 24″ x 36″ poster. See the label site for details.

4 thoughts on “New Music From John Carpenter – ‘Lost Themes III: Alive After Death,’

  1. Carpenter’s soundtracks are in my musical bones, so this is a real pleasure. Its like “new age” turned sideways, with more muscle. I’ll put this on repeat at home, once its on CD or digital.

    I don’t fully get all of the new LP love; I went through piles of them that ate it over dust-&-grime, or a big gouge a favorite got when you sneezed while setting the needle down. I DO get the nice compression that makes it all a bit creamy. Plus a poster! I’m also down with the room to offer great cover art. Hulk smash puny CD inserts.

      At least now you can get a player that uses a laser to read the grooves, and then clean the rest up digitally.

      What I hate is that some artists modify their albums and music between various releases, such as Alan Parson’s Project “Tales of Mystery and Imagination,” and various albums from Tomita. Then you _have_ to go back and listen to that LP or CD for what was released.

      Yeah, I like the full album cover art. They should publish a file for printing out the poster.

  2. Love it, can’t wait to hear the rest of it.
    Carpenter always produced brilliant little arpeggios that would stick to your mind.
    Love it, can’t wait for more

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